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Prosthetic Limbs

Reasons you may want to cut your arm off.

Jeremiah House

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Prosthetic Limbs

When did someone first stick a stick into their empty socket? Roman Leg from 300 BC.
-Made of Iron
-Destroyed in a
WWII air raid We've come a long way since then. Prosthesis Disabled? or Too Abled? “With all due respect, we cannot accept
something that provides advantages,”
said Elio Locatelli of Italy, the director
of development for the I.A.A.F. “It
affects the purity of sport. Next will be
another device where people can fly with
something on their back.” is an artificial extension that replaces a missing body part. Certified BAMF The Iron Hand of Gotz Von Berlichingen Gotz was a German knight in the 1500s who at the age of
24 lost the lower part of his arm while fighting - as knights
tend to do.
After he lost his hand he had it replaced with what was at
the time a mechanical masterpiece and way ahead of its time, an iron
hand. He actually preferred his new hand, saying the mechanical
wonder had “rendered more service in the fight than ever
did the original flesh.” Thanks to spring powered
fingers, Gotz could do the
-Hold a sword
-Hold a pen
-Hold a lance
-Play cards
-Direct his horse Pirates liked these. Good for running. Can be used as a torch
if need be. This effectivly made him the
Tony Stark of the Dark Ages. Incredibly, being an amputee can actually get you disqualified
from being able to compete in "regular" people's sports.

These prosthetic limbs are viewed as what could be an unfair
"advantage." They're right to be scared. With enough time and money... ...everyone will be able to look
like this.

There's something to look
forward to. And thats why in the future, losing an
appendage may be the best thing to
happen to you.
not. -Super light construction via alloys
(e.g. cast Vitallium, titanium alloyed
with aluminium and vanadium)

-Ability to attach nerves and muscles

-Ability to sense touch

-Increased strength

-Life-like looks
Recent advancements in prosthesis: By JJ House
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