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SWOT Emirates Airlines Engels 12-06-2014

No description

Daniel Freudenberg

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of SWOT Emirates Airlines Engels 12-06-2014

Emirates Airlines
SWOT Analysis
Air Bus A380
Burn 20% less fuel
Lower CO2 emissions

Emirates Boeing 777
Biggest jet engine in the world
Used only 2 engines instead of 4
Engines will emit 747.000 fewer tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions than similar aircraft types
Equivalent of removing 132.000 cars of the road every year
Confrontation Matrix
Passenger aboard increase
Strong financial position
High brand awareness "Fly Emirates"
Eco-efficient aircraft engines
High quality of service
Cargo shipping
Availability A380 on some airports
Dependence on government
Place in the USA
Big number of sectors and departments
Huge economic growth in Asia
Opening new airports in Asia
Increasing demand for air transportation
Low charges and fees at Dubai Airport
Emerging markets
Limited access to China destinations
Rising fuel costs
Competitors aggressive strategies
Low cost carriers - Air Arabia, Jazeera Airways
Democratic management style
CEO - Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum
President - Tim Clark
“Hello Tomorrow”

Table of Content
Emirates Airlines
Annual Report
SWOT analysis
Confrontation Matrix
Strategic Options
Conclusions & Recommendations

50.000 employees
3000 flights per week
133 cities worldwide in 77 countries, 6 continents
Founded in 1985 by the Government of Dubai
Economy Class
First Class
High Quality of Service
Business Class
an exceptional journey from start to finish
Thank you for your attention!
Any questions?
Done by:
Sander Boormans
Daniel Freudenberg
Juliën Meijers
Annual Report
Revenue 16,2 Billion Euro’s
Profit of 646 Million Euro’s
Increase of 32% since last year
24 new airplanes this year
Total airplanes 217
Sander Boormans
Daniel Freudenberg
Juliën Meijers

Strategic options
Strategic option 1: Creating new destinations
Strategic option 2: Eco-friendly saves fuel costs
Conclusions & Recommendations
Excellent financial position
full service airline
"Stuck in the middle"

Market development -
New destinations
Product development -
Private lounge class
KEY-financial data
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