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Push the Pipeline 2013

No description

Kelsey Giltner

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Push the Pipeline 2013

Kelsey, John W, Jeremy, and Carla
Pipeline Team 2013
2014 Pipeline Strategy
Greer 2013 Initiatives
LinkedIn Recruiter how-to documents
Linkedin Recruiter Metrics and Progress
The Pipeline team saw a lot of changes during 2013; from new leaders, new teammates, and new strategies. We persevered through it all and are on a great track to make the most of the Pipeline initiatives in 2014 and build upon them as well.

We began this year with the task of finding a tool or system we can use to better coordinate our pipelining efforts. We now have implemented structure around LinkedIn Recruiter and it's project function. Our next initiative will be utilizing and maintaining our pipelines with communications efforts by the whole team.

Accomplishments of 2013
Strategy switched from SharePoint to LinkedIn Recruiter
Linkedin Recruiter Training for the team
Linkedin "Projects" Initiative (more on that later )
Candidate Status Definitions and Action Plan
Greer Initiatives
JobScience Quotes and Business Case
Linkedin Recruiter Training Documents
Contest Winners!
The big $25 visa card is still up for grabs for the first person to place a candidate that they sourced from a Linkedin Project

Identify tools to maximize communication efforts ( how can we incorporate tools we already have at our disposal such as SalesForce, etc...)
Utilizing LinkedIn Recruiter tools to promote live chat/blog and eventually new careers page to relevant pipelines
Additional research into UltiPro to increase functionality of email campaigns and pipelining functions
Capturing emailed resumes in Careers inbox for future email campaigns
Creating and circulating canned emails for teammates to use during marketing campaigns for pipeline candidates
Partnership with other strategy teams for marketing and outreach efforts.
Created materials directing candidates to careers website
Created materials for Leasing offices as reminder to send good candidates to RealPage
Visited leasing offices in the Greenville/Greer area and left information. (All seemed very receptive!)
Rewrote postings to attract more candidates
Contacted organizations about presenting interview tips to help job seekers in community
Designed and put together Prezi for community classes along with take away materials to reflect "Activate Your Potential" theme

How and Why we create projects
Status nomenclature and use by RP
Candidate profile search best practices
Sharing information with Hiring Managers
Creating a template
Bi Monthly InMail campaigns
2014 Goals

Schedule at least one community class in Greer and two in Charlotte
Discuss best practices for prompting good candidates to stay connected
Encourage others to realize that each person we encounter is a potential teammate
We recently created a how-to document for LinkedIn Recruiter for new teammates as a training tool and description of RealPage's use of the project function.
Some of the functions covered include:
Pepper and Ali won our contest by adding the most potential candidates to Linkedin Projects during the first three weeks after the roll out of our initiative.
Previous Quarter
- Usage
Building a candidate pipeline is an everyday function within recruiting. 2013 brought about several tools and practices that can help streamline that effort and have our team work more cohesively. As a team we feel that our efforts in 2014 should be focused on the maintenance and utilization of our collective pipelines.

Now that we have pipelines established, how do we capitalize on them and keep them engaged with RealPage as a brand and future employer?
2014 Initiatives
This Quarter
- Usage
Q3 - 716 added with status
Q4 - 1,059 added with status
After our presentation in the beginning of October there was a significant increase in activity with LinkedIn Recruiter Projects

47% increase from quarter to quarter
Shelly and Ali continue to be our top contributers

Elizabeth was able to pipeline a previous candidate whom she eventually placed as an HR business partner in Charlotte

Carla placed a Care Advisor who had previously applied for one location. She maintained communication with that candidate and was able to secure her as a Care Advisor for a later class.

Kelsey was able to pipeline several QA candidates that were strongly considered for a previous role with LinkedIn Recruiter. When another opportunity opened she was able to place one successfully.
Pipeline Success Stories
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