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"Divergent" by Veronica Roth

A book report on the book "Divergent" by Michael Leger

michael leger

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of "Divergent" by Veronica Roth

By: Michael Leger Beatrice(A.K.A. Tris)
Tobias(A.K.A. Four) The Main Characters: Secondary characters Will
Christina Peter Jeanine
Molly Tori
Edward Betrice's Mother and Father
Drew Marcus
Eric Al
Caleb Prologue Key Events Five factions are created of human characteristics The Dauntless the "Fearless" The Abnegation the "Selflessness" The Candor the "Truth Seekers" The Amity the "Forgiveing" The Erudite the "Technology Seekers" Betrice turned 16 and had to take an aptitude test to decide whether to stay Abnegation or choose a different faction. Beginning Key Events Her test resulted in choosing two factions Abnegation or Dauntless which marked her as Divergent. At the Choosing Ceremony she betrayed her family and chose Dauntless. After the ceremony she and all the rest of the Dauntless jumped on a moving train to head to the Dauntless compound. Middle Key Events At the Dauntless compound she undergoes the first step in training. She also meets Four and Eric (who she despises). She passes her first training which is to shoot a gun and starts her second training, and that is how to fight. While she is fighting she becomes friends with Will, Christina and Al. She soon barely passes the fighting training. At this point she starts her third training which is to undergo a simulation. Middle Cont. Key Events with her being Divergent she can manipulate the simulation, and in this world it marks her as a danger to society. This becomes noticeable to Four and he tells her to hide it. Then she starts to fall for Four and he does the same to her. He reveals to her his real name which is Tobias. Her brother, Caleb, also betrays his family and chooses Erudite. She then begins to wonder if he is Divergent too. Conclusion At their training graduation Tris (A.K.A Beatrice) is implanted with a "tracking serum" but is really a controlled simulation by Eric. That night the serum kicked in to all who wasnt Divergent and the rest of the compound except for Tris and Four. They were basically mindless zombies. Eric then sent the whole compound to attack the Abnegation compound creating war. While Tris and Four were conscious of their surroundings they were caught by Eric and were sent to the Headquarters. There Four is injected with a stronger serum that controls even Divergents and turns on Tris. Eric then condemns Tris to die by drowning in a glass tank. Close to dieing Tris is taking her last breath when her mom shot the glass till it broke saving her life. After her mother rescues her they head to a Abnegation safe house but is ambushed and her mother is killed. When she arrives she gets a party together consisting of Tris, Marcus, Caleb and her father to raid the compound to stop the serum. While raiding the compound her father is killed and she saves Tobias and shuts off the simulation and escape to the Amity compound. Recommendation This book took me about a week to finish. This book started off slow for the first two chapters then picked up fast. This book was extremely easy to read. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!!! also check out the rest of this series. the second book. the third book.
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