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Service Learning Project

No description

shanel knox

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Service Learning Project

Service Learning Project
Shanel Knox
Spring 2010 Student Information 3 years old first language is French Born in US but lived in Ghana to learn French Mother works with her English independently at home Emergent Literacy - immerse student in reading and writing experiences - Enrich dramatic play centers with functional print including list, tables, prescription forms, phone books, etc. - Celebrate the child's progress - Encourage child to read and write at home - Explicit instruction on phonemic awareness Providing mom with books to take home read alouds every day journaling clearly labeled center areas and objects in French and ENglish writing tablets and utensils in each center ex: phonebook next to telephone journaling allowed my to track students progress I became excited about her progress which allowed her to know that she was doing something right. letter of the week phonics CD's sounds in our names Anecdotal Notes 3/1/10: She writes the letter A on the booard while saying A 3/15/10: student takes letter 'M' and says 'M', then flips it upside down and says 'W' 4/12/10: understands the concept of a letter and a word during vocabulary activity 2/22/10: environmental print recognition. Unable to identify McDonalds and other common signs in our environment. 2/25/10: showed her the letters of the alphabet to get her acquainted with print 4/7/20: improved name sample. Can write "i" and "M" 3/23/10: attempt name sample but she only writes the letter W while saying it. 3/2/10: Vocabulary development of words that begin with letter B. She was able to identify letter and object after 3 days of doing this activity. 2/24/2010: demonstrated awareness of how print is read 3/8/10: Couldn't grasp the idea of author, illustrator, and writer. Accomplishments Student is able to identify W, M, B, and some other letters learned pre- and post project Student can properly hold a pencil student is pretending to read Student can write some of the letters in her name. students vocabulary has increased based on journal entries Student enjoys reading and writing Additional Comments Student was very outgoing and willing to learn which made teaching her very enjoyable. She learned well through songs She faced attention issues and would lose focus during an activity Able to point her name out when in a group of other names
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