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Foreshadowing and Flashbacks 5.6A

No description

Margaret Marble

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Foreshadowing and Flashbacks 5.6A

What is it?
interruptions of the chronological order with an event from the past
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Where can we see this in a novel?
Ch. 8 "Why Grandmother Stormed Out"
What is it?
clues about events that will happen later in the story
Where can you see this in a novel?
Ch. 9 "Bruno Remembers That He Used to Enjoy Exploration"
Foreshadow and Flashback
Navigating Through the Story
How does the author's use of foreshadowing and flashbacks affect the story?

How would the story change if the foreshadowing and flashbacks were absent?
Foreshadow and Flashback Flip Book
How is it helpful?
The reader is prepared for some sort of shock or twist in the story. Foreshadowing also begins to change the mood of the story.
What is the example of foreshadowing?
What can the viewer predict will happen?
How is it helpful?
The reader is able to reflect upon experiences he had in life, both positive and negative, and apply them to the present. Flashbacks also provide motives for a character's actions and an explanation for the resolution of the story.
What was the flashback about?
How does the information learned in the flashback help the viewer?
How does the flashback help the reader?
What can the reader predict will happen?
Now it's your turn! Explain the foreshadowing in this clip.
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