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How To Deal With STRESS

No description

Noone Knowsme

on 31 October 2010

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Transcript of How To Deal With STRESS

STRESS How to Deal with By: Kelvin, Leewei, Oliver, Sky, and Zerlina SOme people can't get rid of stress
no matter what they do Here are some things you can do about stress Avoid stressful situations avoid extremes change how you react to stress change how you see the situation discover new relaxation tecniques figure out what's most important exercise manage how stress affects you Mr bruyere is
super awesome!!! some can deal with their stress easily... ...while others are overcome by the extremes of stress... ...and entirely change their personalities.... Or this... Don't let either of those happen to you kids MR BRUYERE IS AWESOME So I really don't see a point of giving you... ... A little more... than what we just presented because this is very... 1. Eat well 2. regular exercise 3. regular sleep 4. laugh 5. make time for fun 6. keep problems in perspective. Are they really large? 7. manage your time 8. learn ways to relax THAKNS FOR WATCHING!!! Photos Supplied by GOOGLE 9. positive Attitude 10. understand your stress signals
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