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Gender & Sexuality in Kpop

No description

Amanda Mata

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Gender & Sexuality in Kpop

Gender & Sexuality
in Kpop
For Starters...
What is ?
Aegyo is the use of body language, facial gestures, voice, and clothing to portray a cutesy image similar to a small child.
Used by:
Group (Concept)
Another concept choice that K-pop idols make are to be sexy idols. When going for a sexy concept, tattoos are almost always included and there is a rampant use of red and black.
no shirts
well-defined abs
addition of hip-thrusts/body rolls and the like
leather clothing or lingerie
floor work dances (not mermaid dancing)
Femininity as portrayed by K-pop videos:
Pants are off limits!!
Hair stays in naturally occurring colors and long
Men are a necessity to life
Aegyo or Sexy?
Pole-dancing without the pole
I am an ornament.
Must always have perfect makeup and nails
Females allowed to play men without it being a joke!
Similarly, masculinity is well defined.
Well Dressed
Makeup must be perfect
My hair can be any color but no longer than my shoulders.
Frills, skirts, and fish net are fair game
I get to DANCE!
I can solve social issues.
Full range of emotions
Skinship between males is OK.
Imagery of POWER and strength
Now let's play a little game!
Female-Male interactions:
Shunned skinship
Guy ALWAYS makes the moves
Girls' role = reactionary and reserved
Guy takes care of girl
Fight of the suitors
Air of entitlement to female attention
Females depend upon males
Thank you for listening!
K-pop is a genre of music (just ask YouTube). It is South Korean pop which is best known for its intense choreography, catchy bridges and choruses, and flashy wardrobes. Groups dominate the majority of the genre's landscape but there are also a few solo artists. Artists that are considered to be in K-pop are called idols.

There is a long training process to become
an idol and the entertainment companies
exercise greater control over the artists and
the music than American entertainment companies.
The K-poppers are a whole different story.
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