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MNGT 475 new

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Adeline Boey

on 29 December 2015

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Transcript of MNGT 475 new

Why Do You Choose SINGAPORE? 1. Strong Economic Background 2. Strong Social/Cultural Background 3. Strong Political Background 4. Language Singapore Study Abroad Program VISION Our program is bound to commitment in fostering elite scholars with international perspective. We strive to educate them into becoming more diverse and culturally well-rounded leaders in the future business world.    MISSION To seek the opportunity of learning from international experience, as well as career opportunity in this experience
To acquire competitive and comparative advantages from Singapore culture, like infrastructure, productivity, management skills, business ethics and other important business cultures and social etiquette.
To seek knowledge, abilities, personality, and skills that are rare, hard to imitate, valuable and not substitutable through an international experience. GOALS OBJECTIVES To understand Singapore as a land of opportunity by first understanding the political, economical, and social aspects of Singapore.
To expose students to the unique cultures and traditions of Singapore people.
To foster students with teamwork and leadership through the program. Summarize 10 differences in business practice between Singapore and America
Learn teamwork and leadership skills with other participants by exploring various tourist destinations in Singapore.
Able to identify and assimilate into Singapore's culture. ECONOMY Second Freest Economy Open Business Environment Main Economic Activity:
Commercial Trades Key:
Human capital & resources Politics Singapore has a distinctive political culture: authoritarian, pragmatic, rational and legalistic. It's power structure is highly centralized, characterized by a top-down style Singapore is administered by bureaucrats, in a meritocracy where power is gained through skill, performance, and loyalty to the nation and its policies. Singapore has a multi-racial and multi-religious character, where giving fair treatment to all races in education, housing and health.

Rifts within leadership are rare in Singapore. The mode of decision making is by consensus, and the leadership style is collective. Culture
Chinese, Malay and Indian ethnics
Western cosmopolitan metropolis
Religiously and culturally diverse.
Chinese --Buddhism, Taoism, Shenism, Christians, Catholics and some considered as 'free-thinkers.
Malays -- Muslims
Indians -- Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs
Religious tolerance is essential
Cross racial boundaries

Group, harmony, and mutual security
The family is the center of the social structure
Emphasizes unity, loyalty and respect for the elderly.
Respect for the elderly and seeing the family as the place one goes to for support, both help retain core values in this island nation. Social Etiquette Meeting and Greeting
Younger people or those who work in multi-national companies
Shake hands
Ethnic Chinese
Shake hands.
Introductions are always done in order of age or status.
Ethnic Malays
Shake hands between men
Muslim men do not touch women in public.
'salaam' (bowing the head) greeting
Ethnic Indians
Shake hands with members of the same sex.
When being introduced to someone of the opposite sex, nodding the head and smiling is usually sufficient.
The elderly or the person with the most status is introduced first. Social Relationship Religion Multi-ethnic society : Language Official languages: Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and English.
Most common used language -- English
Come from other languages spoken in Singapore, especially Malay and Hokkien.
habis - finished
makan - to eat
End with a distinctive exclamation: ah, lah and wat.
OK lah, bye bye.
Don't like that lah.
You are going there ah?
No parking lots here wat. Business Etiquette and Protocol More formal than in many western countries.

Strict rules of protocol:
The group (company or department) is more important than the individual.
People observe a strict chain of command
Non-verbal communications.
Require closely watch the facial expressions and body language of people you work with. Detail Of Our Program Duration: Spring Semester 2013

Affiliate: National University of Singapore

Course: (10 weeks)
ECON 368: Multinationals and The Growth of The Singapore Economy
ECON 435: Doing Business in Singapore
MNGT 321: Competitiveness of the Singapore Economy
ECON 407: Business Law of Singapore

Internship: (10 Weeks)
Great Eastern

Fun Trips:
The famous sites in Singapore
Typical Food
Traditional Festivals
Cultural events
Why do we choose NUS as our Affiliate?

NUS is the most famous and typical university in Singapore. It has dense and brilliant academic atmosphere, as well as completed facilities, nice living environment. The students there are from various cultures, which can provide you a great opportunity to feel and learn the true Singaporean culture.

It is the largest university in the country in terms of students enrolled and curriculum offered. It is widely considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in the world, ranked 25th in world and 3rd in Asia.

NUS Business School has six departments, including Accounting, Finance, marketing, Strategy and Policy, Decision Sciences, Management and Organizations.

We choose NUS as our affiliate and you will choose 2 courses to finish your 5 weeks study session. National University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore- A World of Contrasts INTERNSHIP A good internship is like a stepping stone for you to find a better job.
Join our program, you will have the chance to get the great internship experience. Great Eastern Life Assurance is based in Singapore and the largest life insurance company in Singapore and Malaysia. It is also the oldest insurance company in Asia.
It is the only life insurance company to be listed on the Singapore Exchange, and the largest insurance company in South-east Asia in terms of assets and market capitalisation.

They are offering two kinds of interns to this program (10 weeks):
Risk Management

Basic Knowledge about insurance industry
Teamwork in the real world business
How to combine the american insurance product with singapore culture. UNL Student in GE PSA International is one of the world's largest ports, providing a comprehensive range of ocean and harbor marine services, terminal-related logistic services and port IT services.

They are offering three kinds of interns to this program
-- Accountancy
-- Supply Chain Management
-- International Business ACTIVITIES PLANNING NUS Port of Singapore Festival 2013 New Year Countdown Thaipusam Fun Trips asd Sentosa Island Team Building and Leadership One of the most crime-free countries
Emergency Calls
-Police Emergency: 999
-Emergency Ambulance: 995
-Fire: 995
Travel Insurance Safety and Emergency Plan Chinese New Year Prosperity God of Prosperity Celebration in Chinatown Kavadi Orchard Road Merlion Park Universal Studio Theme Park Swimming with dolphins at Underwater World Food Represents Singapore's beginnings as a fishing village Merlion Leader and Assistant Leader Be assigned to lead the group
Leadership skill
Gather together
Be safe Treasure Hunting in Nanyang Technological University Sand SkyPark Marina Bay Cooking Competition Amazing Race Thank You
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