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E-Commerce Project

Rawon Cuuuk

Dwipanca Adi Nugraha

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of E-Commerce Project

E-Commerce business model analysis?? by:
Asri Ainindita
Dwipanca Adi Nugraha
Dahat Noor Hutami e-commerce
business model
analysis?? 1. Value Proposition 2. Revenue Model 3. Market Opportunity 4. Competitive Environment 5. Competitive Advantage what is the business?? rawon! Tawon?? Mbawon?? Pawon?? Kelemon?? Rempon?? Kliwon? the challenge?? implementing e-commerce... into r
n b u s i n e s s Business Model 6. Market Strategy 7. Organizational Development 8. Management
team Value Proposition?? the way the product
fulfills customer's needs vary, innovative,
instant food rawon as the icon / the
typical food of Surabaya satisfying services these are things that we offer ! Revenue
Model?? Sales
Model Market Opportunity?? Market
Opportunity People needs
food, forever! Diversify and refined product People likes
instant food Over 18,000 monthly
searched keyword
in internet :0 Internet optimized,
greater market scope Competitive environment Competitive Advantage?? Organizational Development D. Noor Hutami
Chief Financial Officer Asri Ainindita
Marketing Manager Dwipanca Adi Nugraha
Quality Control Manager Market
Strategy?? How to enter
the market?? We define our position as a follower and startup company. We want the market to turn their head to our company by making them noticed to our new product and innovations Management Team?? Market opportunity Social media users in Indonesia (2012) easy to
make, affordable, no
preservatives, halal Competitive
Advantage Surabaya's typical
food /icon Kurnia Ari Wahida
Chief Executive Officer Market demand increasing New Entrant very attractive Innovate
condition Management
team Product differentiation Win the competition
Enhance customer
satisfaction complementary resources
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