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The Gopher Snake

No description

John Miller

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of The Gopher Snake

Where they live
Interesting Facts!
The Gopher Snake
San Diego County
Has some very unique
animals! I chose the
gopher snake because I
think its a very fascinating
What it looks like
The gopher snake is an amazing animal. On the
snake's back there are yellowish brownish diamond
shapes. The longest they can grow is 5.5 FT!
Whoa, that's really long for a gopher snake. They
can grow up to 2 meters long if you wanna talk all
like a 5th grader. There name is
Pituophis Melanecus.Pretty weird name if you
ask me!
They live in grass fields with lots of mud and moist dirt. Brush fields where most of them live
in the summer. They either make holes or steal them from rodents. They eat rodents and gophers or anything they can catch.
These are some interesting facts! When
disturbed, they will flash there head to
make them look bigger. It shakes it tail fast
to imitate the rattle snake
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