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The History of Communication

Communication has evolved exponentially since the beginning of mankind. It's been through various different forms.

Tilt At Ninth Street

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of The History of Communication

Visual - Written - Aural THE
COMMUNICATION Visual Written Aural Printer 1938 Camera 1825 Video Conferencing 1990 Television 1920 Photocopying 1949 Personal Computer 1965 Computer Games 1950 Smart Phones 1994 Theater 322 B.C.E T.V. Broadcast 1925 Motion Pictures 1896 Tablets 2002 Printing Press 1425 Radio 1904 Morse Code 1836 Comic Books 1832 First Magazine 1731 Blogging 1999 Fax Machine 1964 Wikipedia 2000 E-mail 1971 Cell Phone 1973 Telegraph 1792 Facebook 2004 AIM 1997 World Wide Web 1991 Type Writer 1508 Newspaper 1556 Search Engine 1996 Twitter 2006 Tumblr 2007 Google+ 2011 Youtube 2005 Since early forms of humans
(Homo-Sapiens) Spoken Language Cave Paintings 40,000 BP Hieroglyphics 4000 B.C.E Script 3500 B.C.E Books 2400 B.C.E First Alphabet 1600 B.C.E Poetry 800-675 B.C.E
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