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My Family

No description

Krystal Coley

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of My Family

My Family
My Grandmother Ella Coley (Honey)
She was born on April 27 in 1932
She grew up in Washington, North Carolina
She is a Baptist
She is a mother of four
She gets to see all of her grand and great-grandchildren grow up
What Were You Like At My Age?
During school she would walk there everyday
She worked at the Knotty Time Inn
She moved to New Jersey and began working full time at Joe Anne Shoe Factory until she got married
There are two shelves in her dining room with collectible toy cars
The cars brought back good memories from her childhood
Bringing Back Memories
Difficult Times
Sometimes she would have epilepsy spells because of her brain tumor
A few times she had seizures and my father and other family members would have to come and take care of her
What Happened To You In The Past?
When she was 4 she had scarlet fever
She has had a brain tumor since the 60s
She had an operation 1981 at Columbus Hospital
In 1986 she fell down the stairs and broke her elbow in seven places
She had another operation in 1996 at Beth Israel to remove her uterus

My Grandmother Beverly Harrison
She was born on April 8 in 1948
She grew up in Perth Amboy, New Jersey
She is a Baptist
She is a mother of six
She gets to see all of her grand, great-grand, and great great-grandchildren grow up
Anything Interesting?
In Perth Amboy she would go to the "Red Rock"
It was surrounded by a swamp full of snakes
She would go the with her friends and sit on the rock and have picnics
Everyday Life
She went to school everyday
Some weekends she would go to the dances at the teen center
She was a girl scout
She would help her grandmother clean and cook
She went the movies and the beach
There was a block party every weekend
At seventeen she had my mother and she worked
Any Difficult Times?
Helping each deal with the deaths in the family
Sticking together no matter what
Helped each other through the difficult times
Your Childhood
She lived on a farm
She was very poor but happy
She and her family really didn't have anything to eat
Everyday she had to walk to and from school
Her father left her family when she was only seven
She uses this record player to play all of her music from back in the day
What Was Your Childhood Like?
She grew up poor
She never felt like she was poor because everyone worked and took care of things
My Mother Lisa Coley
She was born on May 7th in 1964
She grew up in Newark, New Jersey
She is a Baptist
She is a mother of five and has one grandchild
Blast From The Past
In the 5th grade she had a fight with one of her classmates
When she was 14 she had her tonsils removed.
What Were You Like At Sixteen?
She took her little sisters and brothers to West Side Park and sometimes they would go there when it was dark to run around and play chase
After school she would hang out in the neighborhood with her family and friends
She was expected to go to school everyday and do her best
Fine China
She has a few pieces of China that her great-grandmother gave her
She was told by her great-grandmother that it would be passed down to her after she passed away
From time to time time she uses them with our family
Family Experiences
Two of our family members suddenly passed away
My great-grandmother died from a heart attack
My cousin was killed in a car accident
We were able to cope with the deaths in the family from the help of God through prayer
My Father Kerry Coley
He was born on July 8 in 1964
He grew up in Orange, New Jersey
He is a Baptist
He is a father of five and has one grandchild
Anything Dangerous?
When he was eight, he crashed his bike and had several cuts bruises and bruises and his bike was destroyed
One time he snuck out of the house and when he came home he paid for it
Daily Routines
Lived with his parents
Played varsity high school football
Honor roll student throughout high school
Ran track in the Spring
He did most of his homework at school
After school he would got Bell Stadium for football practice until 7:00
At 7:30 he would do his chores and then his homework
When he didn't have practice, he would go to the YMCA on Main Street top workout and play basketball
Something Special
There isn't a specific object, but his mother passed down her humble beginnings and always told him to dream big and work hard to achieve your goals
A Sad Time
When his sister Sharon was twenty-three, she suddenly passed away leaving her three small children to be cared for
I was born on August 22nd in 1997
I'm from Orange, New Jersey
I am a baptist
I have four brothers and sisters and one niece
Krystal Kerri Coley
Anything Funny?
One time I fell in Gym because of Justin
Another time I fell when I was at Central Playground
I also fell when I was leaving White Castle
My Daily Routine
Everyday I go to school
After school I either have NJ LEEP, DECA, or I go home
Every Friday I have dance practice
On the weekends I hang out with my friends and sometimes I walk my dog
What's Interesting?
I love to dance and listen to music
At first I'm very quite but after a while I talk a lot
I'm very goofy
In Gym my nickname is Pieces
I love to play on my IPad and video games on my free time
Loved Ones
Each person from my presentation are very important to me. Each one of them would sacrifice anything for me to help me when I am in need, and I would do the same for them. They all encouraged me to do my best and to work hard. They also told me that one day I will be a wonderful young woman and a great Veterinarian. All of them mean the world to me and I love them dearly. Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind.
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