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Book report:)!!!!!

book report 6th hour

Brock Staker

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Book report:)!!!!!

Brian's winter, by Gary Paulsen Brock Staker Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling action -Brian senses a change and figures out winter is coming. -The climax of the story is when Brain got himself upgraded weapons; a war bow and a lance. theses weapons are the climax because when a moose attacks brain, his war bow weakened the moose and the lance finished the moose off. - Brian is welcomed into the Smallhorn's family. Setting Brian's winter takes place in the Canadian Wilderness near a small lake. on one side of the lake is a small rocky ledge. the entire area is surrounded by a big forest filled with wild life. Characters Brain Robeson David Smallhorn Deer Moose Hint to the problem Brian gets trapped in the Canadian wilderness. The snow drives him to learn more survival tactics. -He is attacked by a bear but something saves him but its not human. -Brian goes out and gets a large moose that he lives off for a little over a month. First event Second event Third event - They let Brian stay with them until a plane comes. The Resolution - The resolution is When a plane comes to the Smallhorns family to drop off supplies and brain goes home on the plane -After Brian returns home he get on a television special and a camera crew goes back with Brian to the lake and he showd them how he lived. Then his mom and dad got rid of all the press. My Thoughts -I liked this book very much. -I liked this book because this has alot of suspense and it got me thinking what will happen next. -I would read another one of these books by this author and already have all of the hatchet series are awesome!!!
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