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Kick-off Building Group Finance together

No description

Hannes Vanaverbeke

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Kick-off Building Group Finance together

Public sub community
in CFO services community

Everybody will be invited tomorrow

Wiki page per Working group
: to share info specific for that working group/MWB

Shared forum or blog
: to exchange interesting topics across the working groups - story telling.

Feel free to share your ideas!!

Jan 2013

photo credit:
Management team defined the
for Group Finance
For each MWB, we
defined 3-6 focus
areas in
we want to invest time and resources during 2014 to support the strategy of Group Finance.

Focus defined using a SWOT analysis per MWB, based on
feedback customers interviews
“VADP” inquiry
Feedback employees
Strategy 2014
Create awareness
WHY change is needed
ask for support
to realize the strategy with all Group Finance colleagues
Not only management, but
all colleagues
of Group Finance will define the ambitions for 2014 and will define how to get there!
For each focus area,
define our ambition level
for 2014 (SMART)

Define actions
how we will reach that ambition level

Realise ambition
levels by executing the agreed actions
Working groups
Dec 2013
We create
1 working group per MWB
(5 working groups in total)
Consists of team members of each department in Group Finance
All colleagues of Group Finance should participate in one working group

Each working group will help to realize the focus areas of the corresponding MWB.

Self steering teams
: it’s up to the working group to decide how and when they will realize their goals

upport of the sponsors and colleagues
of other teams

Working groups
Sponsors - coach
1 or 2 sponsors per MWB will
help to motivate
their teams to realize and follow-up the ambitions set for their MWB.
They act as a
sounding board
for the working groups. No boss, no PL.
MWB 5: Empower our staff in a high performance culture

Werner Eetezonne + Maud Van Zon
MWB 1: Be a recognized and trusted strategic partner

Jan Thorisaen + Carla Put
MWB 2: Put Definitions and data quality right

Paul Vandeput + Sonja Van Langenhove
MWB 3:

Dorette Webers
MWB 4: Maximize efficiency and minimize operational risk

Erna Coppens-Van Roy + Peter Maes
Tour Christine
31 March
, we have a
consolidation meeting
with all sponsors to align the ambitions set by each working group.

This is also an opportunity to
exchange best practices

Following input will be collected from each working group
on 25th of March
- Ambitions per focus area (SMART)
- If known, actions to realize these ambitions

– target a specific area for improvement.
– quantify or at least suggest an indicator of progress.
– specify who will do it.
– state what results can realistically be achieved, given available resources.
– specify when the result(s) can be achieved.


31 Mar 2014
Each working group presents
to the other groups the ambitions set, what actions they have done and planned and what the current status is for each ambition.
Event with all Group Finance colleagues, before the summer
June 2014
Oct 2014
Dec 2014
strategy 2014
Dependent on the timing, we can link it with a reception, BBQ or other activity. All suggestions are welcome!!
implemented the strategy
2014 in Group Finance
All employees
know the strategy
worked in mixed teams
: gather info outside GF or outside KBC, change info across teams within Group Finance
The sponsors improved and applied their
coaching and delegation skills
We act more
, take more
skills are improved
: presentation, creative thinking, organise meetings, communication, etc
(KBC Connections and
collaboration tools
(Lync) are often used
We can give
to each other in an open culture, we motivate each other (self steering teams)

Successful strategy exercise 2014
4-6 Feb 2014
24-27 Feb 2014
working groups
get each working group on track

Both for group members as sponsors

3 hours per group

Explain SWOT analysis of the MWB and WHY we got the focus areas: option to gather extra insights and choose extra focus areas

First brainstorm on focus areas: what do they mean for us, what do we want to realize?

Agree on next steps: define roles and tasks

MWB 1: Tues 25 Feb 9h30-12h30
MWB 2: Tues 25 Feb 13h -16
MWB 3: Mon 24 Feb 13h30 - 16h30
MWB 4: Thur 27 Feb 9h15 - 12h15
MWB 5: Thur 27 Feb 13h - 16h
Ambitions set
18 Feb 2014
Define & realize ambitions
24 Feb - Dec 2014
Exchange information
best practices
on how to realize the MWBs
- with their department on the weekly huddle
- with persons outside Group Finance or even KBC
- with other working groups using communities, Lync or in real life
Be inspired
Keep it simple
Greatest Common Denominator exercise
Form groups of 3 persons you do not know well within your working group

Find 3 common elements, be as specific as possible!
Give your input on the flip chart in the reception room

Post-its on reception tables
Are you enthusiastic?
Frustrations? Worries?
Tips and tricks?
Did you like this alternative pres. ?
Form the working groups:
rules of the game
Rules of the Game
Pitch of the sponsors
All working groups should comply with following rules
Each sponsor presents on an original way their MWB/Working group.

It must be clear what their working group stands for and you should be attracted to join that working group!
You're not in this alone.
You can get support from:

- Colleagues within and outside your working group
- Sponsors
- FPM colleagues: PEARL, knowledge mgmt, communication expert, etc.
"Building Group Finance together"
Participation in these working groups will take time. Everyone will
get time
from their manager to actively participate in the working groups.

Active cooperation in the working groups will be
by including this task in the personal goals of each employee
All suggestions for interesting topics are welcome!!
Integrated approach
Possible initiatives to support strategy implementation
Link community: https://internal.kbc-group.com/MB018201/wikis/home?lang=en#/wiki/Wa809b0a13312_4ff9_938d_c1ffc1ea5e67/page/Building%20Group%20Finance%20together
Are we still on fire?
In the beginning I will have a
short monthly meeting
with 1 or 2 representatives of each working group to stay familiar with what is going on. Are there issues? Do they need support? Etc.

Idem for the
Experimenting, be creative,
room for failure
General rules:

each department must be represented

in each working
group (except SGP and GFA which can be absent in 1 working group)
- we need
2 groups of 13, 3 group of 14
- numbers given are excl sponsors
Min Max
per group per group
FPM 3 4
GRE 3 3
GFA 0 1
GCI 2 2
GRC 1 2
SGP 0 1
GDS 2 2
Total 13 14
- Run per 2 departments. The starting order will be defined by lottery draw.
- Each colleague should stand in a box in front of the sponsor of their choice.
- The sponsors write down the name and department of all the participants of their working group once all groups are formed and hand over the final list to Eddy.
- Colleagues who are not present today, will be added to the groups tomorrow (filling the gaps).
"Ren je rot" - "Runaround"

Choose a working group by running to the corresponding sponsor.

Both speed as compliance to the game rules are important.
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