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IT Project

Saianeesh Keshav Haridas

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Photography

IT Projet Rule of Thirds Before After I changed the Hue/Saturation so the photo became black and white, then I aplied a layer mask so the frog got its color back. Leading Lines Before After I changed the photos levels so that some parts are brighter and some darker. Vertical Lines Before After I cropped the photo so that the line takes up most of the photo, then I changed the photo filter so that the photo became a different color. Horizantal Lines Before After I used the rular tool and then rotated and croped the picture to straitain the photo Credits 99.9% of the work Saianeesh Keshav Haridas .01% of the work Prezi, Dell, Adobe, and Sony In dedication to Saianeesh Keshav Haridas Thank you for watching
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