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report of population problem in the U.A.e

Sumera S

on 27 March 2011

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Transcript of U.A.E

United Arab Emirates As you can see the population made up by the elderly people is small As you can see The population in the middle age people is large and the amount of elderly has increased. In the near future this is what we believe it will look like A problem that may occur in the near future is the fact that the middle aged group continues to grow and so does the future dependency load. When people stop immigrating they are going to be left with a dependency load large than their work force. Past Net Migration 15/1000 Current Net Migration
24.4/1000 Population Growth 1.6% Per Year Net Migration Doubling Rate
43.75 Years Population Pyramid
1900 Population Pyramid
2000 Population Pyramid
2100 As you can see the elderly and the youth population has decreased and the amount of people in the working age group has increased
Problems That May Occur in The Future
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