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Exploring the Arizona Faculty

No description

Marisa Sandoval

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Exploring the Arizona Faculty

Exploring the
University of Arizona Faculty Theresa Enos Damian Baca Anne-Marie Hall Amy C. Kimme Hea Adela C. Licona Ken S. McAllister Thomas P. Miller John Warnock Master of Arts in English Rhetoric, Composition,
and the Teaching of English University of Arizona RCTE Faculty Interests
Chicano Rhetoric and Poetics
Comparative Technologies of Writing in Mesoamerica/later America
Colonial World System
Subaltern Studies
Ancestral Literacy Interests
The Rhetoric of Scholarship
Professional and Institutional Issues
Politics of Higher Education
Twentieth-Century Rhetoric
Basic Writing
Writing for Publication
Women and Language Interests
English Education
Alternative Assessments
Ethnographic Research and Teacher Research
Composition Theory and Pedagogy
Teacher Education, Comparative Pedagogies
Critical Pedagogy and Democratic Methodologies Interests
Hypertext theory
WWW and electronic media
Professional writing
Articulation theory Interests
Borderlands' Rhetoric
Cultural and Queer Studies
Agency and Authority
Feminist theory
Critical Pedagogy
Collaborative Learning
Intercultural Communication Interests
Computer game culture
Popular computing
VR-enhanced education
Marxist dialectic Interests
Classical, Eighteenth-and Nineteenth-Century Rhetoric
Political Rhetoric
Minority Recruitment and Retention
Histories of the Profession
Writing Program Administration
Service learning Interests
Theories of Composition
Literacy Studies and Community Literacy
Literary Nonfiction
Rhetorics and Cultures of the Borderlands and American Southwest
Legal Writing My interests
Home literacy
Basic writing and literacy
Writing centers and tutoring
Multicultural discourse/hybridity
Digital literacies Associate Director of Writing Program
Associate Professor Director of the Writing Program
Director of the Southern Arizona Writing Project
Associate Writing Specialist RCTE Program Director
Editor of Rhetoric Review Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
Professor My class schedule
Teaching of Composition
- Damian Baca
Computers and Composition
- Amy Kimme Hea
RCTE Colloquim
- Theresa Enos Potential faculty advisors:
Theresa Enos
Anne-Marie Hall
Amy Kimme Hea
Adela Licona New Faculty Member Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor for a potential faculty advisor
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