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Our Process Journey

No description

Simon Hodges

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Our Process Journey

Land Registry IS Process Journey
The Current Structure & Challenges
Reliance on IBM Rational Toolset
Process Management Overly Bureaucratic
Process Ownership by Senior Management
Process Author Role can cause bottlenecks
Selective Process Groups (Limited Interest / Audience)
Silo'd Processes (IS Group and Interfaces)
Processes Focus on "How"
Create Process Sponsorship Role for Senior Managers
Logically Group Processes for Sponsorship
Process Owners to be SMXs
Author Role Removed
All Staff Aligned to at Least One Process Group
Move Process Index to SharePoint
Focus on "What" not "How"
To Aid Us In Improving Our Processes

Thank You!!
Please take at least one Post-it and select the process group(s) you would like to join.

If you would like to be an owner place a star * in the corner

The Story so far.....
IS Transformation Project started 2007 (approx)
CMMI ML2 awarded March 2009
IS Transformation Project halted 2010
Process Improvement moved to BAU (June 2010)
ISO20000 awarded March 2011
Government announce ICT Strategy March 2011 including Agile/ Lean WoW
CMMI CL3 awarded March 2013 (Included ML2)
ISO20000 awarded March 2014
Structure to Support PI has remained basically unchanged since the start
Management Mantras Document Revised and Reintroduced

New "IS Structure to Support Continuous Improvement" Document

2 Hours PP Per Month Agreed for Improvement Activities

Inaugural Process Group Meetings will Provide Overview
Logical Process Groupings
Provide support to the Organisation and can be implemented within Other Processes
Performance & Improvement
Help us Improve our Organisational Performance
Configuration & Change
Ensures We Have Control of Changes To All We Do

Abstracted Project Management Processes

Request Assurance
Ensures the customer receives
what they have requested
Partner & Customer
Stakeholder and Customer Management
Service Support
Monitor Our Services
Service Development
Aid in the Implementation of Developed Services
Measurement & Analysis
Decision Making
IS Risk Management
Service Reporting
Quality (Includes Reviews)
Process Improvement
Lessons Learned
Software Change
Service Change
Software Configuration
Service Configuration
Release & Deployment
Process Asset Management
Managing Software Development (Inc SCRUM)
Work Package Management
Design & Transition of New & Changed Services
Solution Engagement
Service Request
Incident Management
Problem Management
Budgeting & Accounting
Contract Management
Supplier Management
Business Relationship Management
Service Continuity
Service Management
Continuous Service Improvement
Service Level Management
Analysis & Design
Service Build
One Last Thought
We Are Taking Our Processes Back
We will Continue with Best Practice
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