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In a Far Country

No description

Doug Stufko

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of In a Far Country

Written by: Jack London In a Far Country Prezi by: Broydon Stufko Setting: Northern Canada, starting in Edmonton and heading to the Northwest Territories, traveling through the Great Slave and Great Bear lakes, and through various rivers in the Klondike.
Set in the late 1800's Characters:
Carter Weatherbee
Percy Cuthfert
Both men were ill-prepared for life in the North,
and were meant to symbolize "civilized" men,
and their underestimation of nature's
indifference to their situation Plot:
Two men travel North to try to get their share of the
Klondike Gold Rush

Very unprepared for the rough life on the all Canada route (trail through northern Canada)

They do not carry their fair share of the responsibility, and are soon forced with the decision to continue on the voyage or stay behind in a cabin on the Porcupine River.

They chose the latter, the group happy to leave the two slackers behind. Theme:
Nature is indifferent to man

Though the men thought that going north to pursue
gold, it proved otherwise and ended up as a fatal journey
into an unknown area. Work Cited:
London, Jack . "In a Far Country by Jack London." The Literature Network: Online classic literature, poems, and quotes. Essays & Summaries. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Feb. 2013. <http://www.online-literature.com/poe/68/>. At the cabin, they successfully lived comfortably for
a while, however their lazy ways took over once again.

Soon the isolation led to insanity and scurvy

Weatherbee began to see ghosts from the graves outside the cabin.

After he became convinced Cuthfert had been
stealing his sugar, he grabs his hatchet and came into
the cabin.
Seeing this, Cuthfert picked up his revolver
and shot Weatherbee in the face, yet not before

Weatherbee could plant the ax in Cuthfert's back.

His dead body pinned Cuthfert in place

After the fire ran low, Cuthfert went to sleep and never awoke. Born January 12, 1876, Died November 22, 1916 Wrote "magazine fiction," one of the first writers to become rich on his works of fiction alone Was a regionalist, and an advocate of unionization and socialism Picture URLs
http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Travel/Pix/gallery/2010/11/11/1289495137452/Northern-lights-in-Canada-006.jpg Jean Baptiste

Lead the expedition, hated the two "greenhorns"
Was a seasoned voyageur, had to literally beat the
two men to get them to comply.
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