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STOP The Cyberbullying

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Quintasia McNeil

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of STOP The Cyberbullying

What Is Cyberbully?
Cyberbully is any form of bullying on social media websites. (facebook & twitter)
The consequences of cyberbullying can have you in a lot of trouble because some kids even commit suicide. So this could lead to you being in jail.

How do cyberbullies harm others?
Some peole actually kill themselves because of this, that's how serious this is, and you can believe me that cyber-bullying hurts, cause I know how much it hurts. It affects other kids because they may feel they're next. It may also scare them to even saying anything to the person being bulied.
Preventing Cyberbullying
A bystander is someone who stands by and watches without getting involved. (They are witnessing ou being bullied).
September 23, 2014
6th period
Quintasia N. McNeil
To prevent cyberbullies from happening to me or my friend(s), i would tell a teacher, adult, parents or anyon i can trust. But i really would have a upstander who would stand up for me.
Responsibilities of a Bystander

A new kind of bullies :
Cyberbullies !
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