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Daily Prezi

Application for Prezi Ambassador position

Zoltán Kovács-Osváth

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Daily Prezi

Budapest, Hungary
The world is full of wasted dreams
He already has relevant experience in start-ups and promotions
I'm going to prove that Prezi chose wisely when picked me for the position!'
Corvinus University of Budapest
Zoltán likes being part of the hive
'We get it done'
Startup Pirates @ Budapest
Procter & Gamble CE
Zoltán believes the most in the power of Prezi value:
'We get it done'
As any promising student he has big dreams. But he knows that everything comes at a price.
'The bigger your dream is the more you have to sweat.'
- He claims that, however, you always have to keep an eye on your goal but it can only be reached by tackling every obstacle on the way.
'Yet, only this one would worth nothing without the perfect synergy with other values, let them be personal, or company related.'
Monday, September 1, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
New Ambassador at Prezi
Zoltán Kovács-Osváth will prezify CUB
CEO and Co-Founder of Prezi is confident of the new recruit
We asked the CEO of the company in San Francisco about their new Ambassador at CUB.
How many applicants do you have for Ambassador positions?
- It's a steadily growing number. Last year it was about 300, this year more than one thousand. We're really happy to see the increasing interest by students towards Prezi!
What are you looking for in prosperous candidates?
- We're really a diverse community. Therefore it is essential to be able to adopt into the environment. Since Ambassadors represent Prezi they should share our values. Being an active member of the social life of the university is definitely a key too.
Does Zoltán fulfill these requirements?
- Definitely! He's very
passionate about Hungarian start-ups
and seeks the opportunity to improve it even more. As a
member of
the most prestigious college for advanced studies at Corvinus,
Mathias Corvinus College
, he certainly
has intellect
. Being an Ambassador of P&G
he proved
not just his
but also the
willingness for doing
that is fundamental for this line of work. And, of course, I believe he's a good fit for Prezi.
Prezi has definitely made a great choice when selected Zoltán Kovács-Osváth as their newest Ambassador at Corvinus University of Budapest, in Hungary.

The enthusiastic student has many plans on how to stir up interest about Prezi at his Campus.

First of all he made his availability public thus every inquiring student can freely pose questions to him.
Daily Prezi
International Business
Date of graduation:
Chief Organizer
The preperation and coordination - with a team of 12 students - of a one-week program that enables aspiring entrepreneurs to get inside the startup world and learn how to develop a business idea.
During the previous academic year he was the Ambassador of P&G at Corvinus. He was responsible for promoting Business Minds Challange, IDS Challange and summer internships. He reached more than 400 applications those by Corvinus students.
Péter Árvai: 'He's a good fit.'
Do you have problems with creating
Prezi workshop
September 25, 2014
11.00-19.00 on Thursday
Corvinus University of Budapest
by sending an email to
until September 18.
(Pizza for lunch is included!)
Tell us your most challenging story using
Story Telling Competition
October 29, 2014
proudly presents
Prezi Swag
Road To The Valley
Co-Founder and Principal Artist
17.00 on Wednesday
Ádám Somlai-Fischer
The Sweaty And Joyful Moments
Building C Auditorium I.
Visiting the event requires registration!
For more info please visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/434749043326415/
... and
Send the link to your Prezi to kovacs.osvath@prezi.com by 5th October.
Exclusive Guided Tour At The Budapest Office
Winners will be announced on 8th October!
by professionals
... win
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