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Health Project

No description

Dante Clayton

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Health Project

Health Project By: Dante Mancini Poor Nutrition

Three facts related to poor fitness are..
-14% of adults from 20-49 in the U.S. have poor fitness.
- Children suffer through poor nutrition during the Brain's most formative years do worse in school
- Poor Nutrition can lead to adult obesity. Benefits of Physical Activity

1) Improves Mood
2) You won't be fat
3) Boosts energy
4) Reduces Risk of some Cancer
5) Reduces risk of 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome The five components of fitness are...
1) Muscular Strength: The ability of muscles to produce force at high intensities over short periods of time. Examples: Squats, barbells, bench presses.
2) Flexibility: The ability to move muscles and joints through their full range of motion. Examples: Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and raise your arm over your head, push your hip foward and reach your hands to the ground, and stretch your back.
3) Cardiovascular: Relating to the heart and blood vessels. Examples: Running, Tennis, and Stair Climbing.
4) Endurance: The fact or power of an unpleasant or difficult process or example: Walking, jogging, and swimming.
5) Body Composition: In physical fitnes, body composition is used todescribe the percentages of fat, bone and muscle in human bodies. For Example: Upper pushing, lower pushing, upper pulling. Day 1: Soccer 1 hour Cardiovascular
Day 2: Core and muscle work 20 minutes
Day 3: Soccer 1 hour Cardiovascular
Day 4: Stretching 10 minutes Flexibility
Day 5: Soccer 1 hour Cardiovascular
Day 6: Upper and lower pushing 30 minutes
Day 7: Soccer 1 hour Cardiovascular
Day 8: Muscle exercises 30 minutes
Day 9: Soccer 1 hour Cardiovascular
Day 10: Stretching 10 minutes
Day 11: Soccer 1 hour Cardiovascular
Day 12: Upper and Lower Pushing 30 minutes
Day 13: Soccer 1 hour Cardiovascular
Day 14: Stretching 10 minutes
Day 15: Soccer 1 hour Cardiovascular My fitness plan
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