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Space Network

No description

Artūrs Graumanis

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Space Network

Space Network
Artūrs Graumanis
Vlădut Horotan
Alexandra Ioana Gîdăr
What is SPACE?
Non-profit organization
founded in France
Provides a chance for students to study abroad for
one semester !
What does it do ?
Let's do a total rebranding for Space ...
Research and analyse
Find problems
Fix the problems
Redesign the webpage and logo
Research and analyse
Space European Network For Business Studies and Languages
Is a non-profit association founded in France, year 1989
It went under the Belgian law of 25th of October 1919 for non-profit organizations
Over the years, the status of the law has been modified two times
26. March 2004
and 24th of June 2011
Webpage is unprofessional and very confusing
While analyzing Space webpage and comparing it to other such organization we came to conclusion:
Webpage is unorganized
Coding isn’t finished
It is hard to find on search engine's
Although it’s not the worst one…
Through e-newsletters, flyers etc.
The company has to be more commercialized !
Through the help of sponsor's.
Advertising problems...
The webpage's design
Making some advertisements to promote the organization
Webpage sketch
Logo sketches
Target group:
The intended target group is for students
age 18 to 30.
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