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Michel de Montaigne: Of Cannibals

No description

Michael Warne

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Michel de Montaigne: Of Cannibals

“I have said all this to establish the resemblance to human conditions and to bring us back and join us to the majority”-Montaigne “All this does not sound too ill; but hold! They do not wear trousers!”- Montaigne Montaigne believed that his people would be the downfall of the cannibals.

“One day will cost them to know the corruptons of this side of the wold and that this intercourse will be the cause of their ruin The honour of virtue consists in combating, not in beating.

Prisoners bear a cheeful countenance. “A mans value and estimation consists in heart and will; there lies his true honor.” Fight naked with clubs and arrows
Always end in bloodshed and massacre
The natives do not know the meaning of surrender
Point of war is to prove yourself superior in valour and virtue
Have no need for the spoils of the vanquished War Valor against the enemy
Love your wife

They believe their soul to be immortal: those who deserved well of the gods arel odged in the rising sun; and those who are damned in the setting sun. The Prophet No traffic, science, or numbers
No slaves, wealth, or poverty
No contracts, no occupations
No clothing agriculture or metals

Falsehood treachery envy=unheard of Men newly come from the hands of the Gods.”-(Seneca) Famous essay where a comparison is made between the behavioral codes of primitive tribes and those of “ourselves”

Montaigne admires what he considers superior elements in the customs of the cannibals Of Cannibals Believed that his own thought was not something that complicated his life, but rather something that gave it sustenance and delight. Felt the characteristics of his individual mind and hear were worthy of recording
Speaks openly of himself; clearly and without shame
Maintains a balanced and often humorous tone Style The Essays- a collection of interesting observations, quotations, and recordings of remarkable events
Of Cannibals
Apology for Raimond Sebond
Of Repentence Claim to Fame Michael Warne Michel de Montaigne
Of Cannibals http://www.nfomedia.com/1096/ Roast and eat their prisoners
Form of vengence

“They ask of their prisoners no other ransom but a confession and acknowledgment of being vanquished. But all would rather die than yield” cannibalism http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/earthpicturegalleries/4362150/Amazon-tribes-gather-at-the-World-Social-Forum-in-Belem-Brazil.html?image=4 Fail to prophesize correctly= cut into a thousand pieces The Prophet http://blog.otel.com/primitive-tribes-in-the-world/ Longhouses
Hard wood that could cut
Eat when awakening; only once a day
Drink of a “root wine”
tortillas “Cannibal” Lifestyle http://www.sonofthesouth.net/revolutionary-war/lithographs/columbus-indians-new-world.htm Montaigne believes the cannibals live in a state of purity
Upset that they were not known at a time when men could have appreciated them better then men at his time “They are still ruled by laws of Nature and very little corrupted by ours” http://bpun.unine.ch/IconoNeuch/Portraits/A-Z/M.htm Castle of Montaigne, Bordeaux, France
Inclined to tolerance
Studied law and experienced court life as a youth 1533-1592
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