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The Roman Circus Maximus

The famous chariot races!

Megan Kelsey

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of The Roman Circus Maximus

The Roman
Circus Maximus LET THE GAMES BEGIN! THE TEAMS Even before the games, the outside of the stadium of Circus Maximus was crowded with people. Even
though the chariots wouldn't leave the gates for
several hours, people from all over the city came
to get seats for the race. Those not fortunate
enough to get seats could see the charioteers and their "rides" going through the streets to the
Circus Maximus. The teams of the Circus Maximus are
red, white, blue, green, purple, and gold.
First came the red and white teams, then the
blue and green teams, then finally the purple
and gold teams. Both the charioteer and the
horses wore the team colors. The chariot was
usually drawn by 4 horses, made of wood,
and had 2 wheels. By: Megan Kelsey FUN FACTS!!! -the winner is the first chariot to cross the finish line... with or without the driver

-the winner received a prized palm leaf and a purse of gold

-dying is a major possibility

-the most dangerous part of the race was the "matae" or turning posts; chariots often tipped over as they rounded the bend, sending their chariot drivers flying to the ground and being dragged to death.

- Circus Maximus is Latin for "greatest
racecourse" THE RACE The race consists of 7 laps around
the track-about 4 miles.Usually one
chariot from each team competed in
each of the 10 to 12 races.The winner
of the race would be the first chariot
to cross the finish line, with or without
the driver. Circus Maximus History The first stadium of the Circus Maximus
was built of wood around 600 B.C.This was a
major fire problem.So, in around 55 B.C, a stone
stadium was built.Unfortunately, the top was
made of wood, so fire still occured as a promlem.
After that, a final stadium was built under the rule of the emperor Trajan, and it was made of marble and granite. See you at the races! :)
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