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Graduation Transitions

No description

Ally Witzel

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Graduation Transitions

Alayna Witzel Who I Am Family -Langley Memorial Hospital
-Ukrainian, German, & English How WGSS has shaped me: Achievements: What's Important In My Life: Personal Strengths Improvements - Mom and Dad
- One Brother - Keanan, age 15 Personal Health I stay Physically Active by: Physical activity is integrated into my life by walking wherever I go
physical fitness to me means being in good physical health
doesn't mean overdoing it - it means being a healthy weight good balance of monitoring the sleep for my body Exercise Managing my Sleep enjoy all sports
active in light weight training
love to run home from school Need a goal to keep me on track Over eating when I study or work on homework I have a bad habit of eating when I don't have an event to keep me on track, I am less conscious about what I eat running three times a week with my running buddy
get my lifeguard license
join the Walnut Grove Community Centre weight room How I will incorporate physical activity and wellness in my life after highschool My life is usually not in balance
I have stress because my dad is awaiting a heart transplant
I also expect a lot of myself in all areas, especially school
My time management could be stronger, however with not being able to plan time for when my dad need help it throws off my time management at times
I manage school, volleyball, running, tutoring, volunteer work and family time
I deal stress by running and reading Career & Life I came to this decision because: Career choice - Doctor I love helping people
I'm intrigued by chemistry, physics, and biology
I love working with others
I would have a good bed-side manner because of my personality working conditions
in a hospital or office
diagnose conditions
help others recover from existing conditions
doctors in training - $50,000 - $60,000 annually
approx $125,000 annually - general physician
approx $165,000 annually - specialist physician
surgeon - up to $500,000 annually Details about my Career to get into MD school
minimum 3 years of sciences
complete required courses - to take MCAT
requirements in MD school
pass all courses
have a practicum at a hospital/office practice
undergrad degree = sciences at SFU, UVic, or Trinity
4 years - approx $60,000
MD school = UBC = years, dependent on course load
financing an education
entrance scholarships
community and business scholarships
part-time job
government grants

- on-campus first year
- re-assess living and school expenses
-make informed decision for 2nd year Educational Plan: Back Up Career Goal 2: Goal 1: Goal 3: Bachelor of Science degree
Attending UBC, Trinity University or SFU Participate in work coops
Do mission trips
Travel abroad and do a semester in another country manage my debt through teaching piano
apply and for scholarships and grants Tutoring piano - tutor young children in piano
Feeding the homeless/working in shelters and food kitchens
Helping at St. Paul's hospital in the cardiac unit Community Connections tutoring in piano Current Job Tasks and Duties assess level
organize lessons
create fun activities to make learning fun
help set weekly goals I have obtained my 30 hours of work/volunteer experience by volunteering at the school and achieving the Outstanding Contribution Award Fundamental Skill 1 resume cover letter letter of Reference pay stub/ work verification sheet Self Evaluate sheet Physical Activity Log Fundamental Skill 2 Organization Skills
Skills learned through years of RCM Piano Lessons and Exams
had to plan, organize and achieve results weekly
organization helped my performance by being more efficient Communication
interaction with piano teachers, examiners and the community at large when performing in public
these skills help with discussing situations with teachers, being interviewed by potential employers or volunteer organizations
results are clear direction in task at hand and connection to others and my goals Personal Management Skills #2 Personal Management Skills #1 Goal Setting
Learned through setting short and long term goals in RCM piano and adjusting and achieving
Helps with problem solving and time management due to clarity of what is important Patience and Positive Attitude
Learn by sitting for hours writing RCM piano theory exams
Helps when writing tests, doing projects, or dealing with problems in general
Ensures positive results Working with Others
Through teaching piano, being taught piano and transferring those skills to all areas of my life
This skill helps with team work and team building to get desired results immensely Teamwork Skill 1 Teamwork Skill 2 Understanding of who's doing what
Learn this in school while doing group projects
If you get confused with who's doing different sections, it can get chaotic Learn how to be more effective finishing projects in a more timely manner
Will help me get more done in a shorter period of time, therefore leaving more time for other activities or more down-time Improvement 1 Improvement 2 More time for time management
Important because this is a key element to success in all areas of my life. It will keep me focused on what is important in my life. My work experience helped me for my future employment because it helped me learn how to:
Set Goals
People skills
Time Management Pacific Academy K-9
Walnut Grove Secondary 10-12 - volleyball
- running
-basketball - team sports
- horseback riding
- hiking
- camping WGSS has shaped me in many ways...
- One significant way that WGSS has affected me is that my teachers are committed to my over-all success and happiness.
- Through sports teams and academics I have continue to develop my leadership skills. God - my foundation Family - my strength Friends - my support system * Citizenship Award
* Band and Voice in Prayer
* A and B Honor Roll
* Outstanding Contribution Award
* Volleyball Team
* RCM Grade 9 Practical Piano Exam
* Tutor in Piano
* Feed homeless, work in soup kitchens, encourage and help patients in St. Paul's hospital cardiac ward * Loyal
* Dedicated
* Hard Worker
* High Achiever - Time Management - more time spent planning
- High Achiever - spend more time on less activities - doctors are needed - baby boomers
- room for growth - work way up in hospital and reputation * Running approx 1x wk x 1 hr --- 52 hrs
* Volleyball training 30x 1.5 hrs --- 45 hrs
Volleyball training summer --- 50 hrs
* Boot Camp 2x week 24 wks 1 hour --- 48 hrs
Minimum hrs --- 195 hrs Psychologist or Psychiatrist
* Courses are the same for both professions
* I believe my specific direction will become very clear in my undergrad years
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