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From Kaiser to Fuhrer 1900-1945

Overview of Unit 3 Edexcel GCE

Jeremy Scott

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of From Kaiser to Fuhrer 1900-1945

From Kaiser to Fuhrer 1900-1945 Rise of Nazi Party The Second Reich Causes of WWI Reichstag Absolute monarchy Weimar Republic Nazi Regime Wartime Germany Constitution
WWI Alliances
Moroccan Crises
July Crisis
Historical debate Political stability
Economic stability
Social change
Weimar culture
Foreign Policy Support for Nazis
Rise of Hitler
Consolidation Initial popularity
Youth and women
Historical debate
Jewish policy Morale
War economy
Final Solution Bethmann-Hollweg Bulow Weltpolitik Wilhelm II Junkers Bundesrat Sammungspolitik Flottenpolitik Von Tirpitz Zabern Affair Dreikaiserbund Triple Alliance Kruger Telegram Tangier Agadir Greater Serbia Bosnia Austria-Hungary Franz Ferdinand Blank Cheque Mobilisation Diplomacy Fischer Debate Encirclement Triple Entente Freikorps Spartacists Ebert Revolution Kapp Putsch Treaty of Versailles Constitution Hindenburg Reparations Dawes Plan Stresemann Young Plan Wall Street Crash Bauhaus Locarno Treaties Treaty of Berlin Rhineland League of Nations Munich Putsch Ludendorff Wilderness Years Bamberg Conference Elections Propaganda Legality Bruning Von Papen SA Article 48 Communism Enabling Act Reichstag Fire SS Dachau Mein Kampf Political parties Industrialisation Herero Uprising Golden Years Anton Drexler Popularity Role of Hitler Nazi State Enabling Act Gleichschaltung Goebbels Himmler Von Schirach Goering Hess Bormann Lammers Night of the Long Knives SS Army Strength Through Joy Weak dictator? Hitler Youth Volksgemeinschaft Holocaust Auschwitz Blitzkreig Battle of Britain Operation Barbarossa El Alamein Stalingrad Fritz Todt Albert Speer "Hitler's leadership was primarily responsible for creating a mass Nazi movement in the period 1929-1932" how far do you agree with this opinion? Hitler's leadership
Failure of mainstream politics
Economic crisis
Appeal of Nazi ideology hitler's leadership failure of mainstream politics economic crisis appeal of nazi ideology
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