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Raising the Bar: Improving Ohio's ESSA Draft Plan

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Jim Lloyd

on 5 March 2017

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Transcript of Raising the Bar: Improving Ohio's ESSA Draft Plan

Raising the Bar: Improving Ohio's ESSA Draft Plan

Every Student
Succeeds Act
Draft Plan

Preparing our communities to have an informed and active voice
Learning Standards & Assessments Considerations
Be more thoughtful & thorough; most recent review is a good step
Timeline that is transparent, realistic and sustainable
Ohio's Aligned System of Accountability, Support & Improvement Considerations
Next Steps
Work in smaller groups to discuss these questions:

1. What is your overall reaction to the presentations you just heard?

2. What specific questions or concerns would you like to discuss?

3. How do you feel about the recommendations being made to improve student testing of Ohio’s students?

4. What suggestions do you have for giving more citizens a stronger voice in shaping statewide education policy?

We believe an informed citizenry need to be included in that conversation
18 School Districts from Lorain & Cuyahoga Counties Collaborated
Our Goals for Tonight:
Inform and Engage

Ways to "Raise the Bar" and strengthen Ohio's ESSA Plan
Change A - F System
Too complex and confusing
Summative Rating
Do not use a summative rating until the overall system of accountability is stable and more descriptive (issue a moratorium)
ESSA Basics
signed into Federal Law on 12/10/15

replaced No Child Left Behind

shift from broad Fed oversight to greater
& decision making at State level
Offers Flexibility with Accountability to States
State plan must address:
Learning Standards
School & District Accountability
Special Help for Struggling Schools
USDoE created 2 deadlines for submission of State plan:
April 3, 2017 (19 states) or
September 18, 2017 (31 states)
Ohio's Outreach Efforts
Prior to Plan Creation
11 Webinars: 3,100
10 Regional Meetings: 1,500
Online Survey: 11,000
Feedback Period Post Plan Creation:
Feb. 2 - Mar 6
April 3 plan submission
By Dr. Jim Lloyd
Superintendent for the Olmsted Falls City School District

State Superintendent DeMaria indicated a desire to "streamline" standardized testing of students
Needs to have "conversations with legislators and Gov. Kasich"
Reduce # of standardized assessment to Federal requirements
Feedback from Ohioans
College, careers & life prep was most important

defined by people
providing education

followed by
student grades
best measure of student success

Student growth
& progress
considered best measure
when compared to things like standardized test scores

Ensure student success by:
increased funding;
more teachers and more support personnel

Respondents evaluate the
quality or effectiveness
of a teacher by seeing a
child's OVERALL growth
Use Descriptive Feedback
Exceed the Indicator
Meets the Indicator
Approaching the Indicator
Does Not Meet the Indicator
Ohio's Graduation
Requirement System
Create a system not exclusively reliant on standardized test performances
course grades, locally defined demonstration of academic competency
Allow flexibility for locally determined indicators of excellence more meaningful to communities IN PLACE OF state driven measures
New School Quality Measures
ODE proposed
Chronic Absenteeism
Student Discipline
School quality is more accurately defined by the quality of service being provided by those in the classroom
Quick Review of
Ohio's Draft Plan
Academic Standards

Ohio's plan provides a routine review of Ohio's Learning Standards
involves educators and others in the review
is more thoughtful and thorough than in the past
too many standardized tests (24 instead of 17)

too much emphasis placed on tests to meet graduation requirements

no emphasis on critical thinking; creativity; collaboration & communication

EXTENSIVE stakeholder feedback, but incorporated none of it

Prepared for Success
Answer the question...success for what?
Create a more inclusive measure:

college readiness
work readiness
life readiness
Current emphasis is on test scores
Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful, committed citizens can
change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing
that ever has.

-Margaret Mead
Never doubt that a larger and very motivated group of citizens with email accounts and social media followers can help to inspire change and empower our legislators with the strength to do what is right and just for our children.

--Jim Lloyd
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