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Romeo and Juliet Cast

No description

Grace Andreasen

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet Cast

Romeo And Juliet Cast
Juliet- Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart would be a great Juliet. In her role as Bella from Twilight she played an overly dramatic teenage girl who is afflicted by love and can't do anything by herself. So, she would be perfect for the role of Juliet.
Tybalt- Paul Wesley
I chose Paul Wesley as my Tybalt because in his role as Stefan in Vampire Diaries he played a very brooding, hateful, overly-dramatic character just like Tybalt.
Friar John- Michael Gambon
I chose Michael Gambon as Friar John becuase while reading the book I pictured Friar John as Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series, and Michael Gambon played Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies. It just felt like a perfect fit.
Apothecary- Robbie Coltrane
My apothecary is Robbie Coltrane. In his part as Haggrid in the Harry Potter series, he looks like a poor beggar, and that is what the apothecary is supposed to look like. Also I picture the apothecary with a scraggly beard and a very gruff voice, so Robbie fits the part perfectly.
Mercutio-Ian Sommerholder
Ian Sommerholder would make a perfect Mercutio because in his role as Damon from Vampire Diaries he plays a self-centered cunning character, just like Mercutio.
Friar Lawrence- Morgan Freeman
I chose Morgan Freeman as my Friar Lawrence. I chose him because Friar Lawrence seems to be a very wise well respected man, and I believe that Morgan Freeman is similar to him in that sense.
Capulet- Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt would make a great Capulet because I envisioned Capulet to have an arrogant personality, and Brad Pitt is rather arrogant.
Romeo- Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson would make a great Romeo because his performance as Edward Cullen portrayed him as a die-hard romantic who would do anything for his love. He also has a charming personality and dashing good looks.
Lady Capulet- Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie is my Lady Capulet because I envisioned Lady Capulet as being rather vain and too involved in her own problems to care about Juliet. This is the same personality that I believe Angelina Jolie to have.
Lady Montague- Elizabeth Reeser
I chose Elizabeth Reeser as Lady Montague because the character she played in Twilight, Esme Cullen, is very similar to Lady Montague in the sense that they are both very motherly and loving.
Montague- Peter Facinelli
I chose Peter Facinelli as Montague because in his role as Carlisle from Twilight he is a father figure and the leader of his "pack", and these are the characteristics that I envisioned Montague to have.
The Nurse- Betty White
I cast Betty White as the Nurse because the nurse had a very hilarious and outrageous personality and so does Betty White.
Paris- Taylor Lautner
I chose Taylor Lautner as Paris because his character Jacob Black is very similar to Paris in the sense that he is in love with a girl who doesn't love him back.
Benvolio- Kellan Lutz
I chose Kellan Lutz as Benvolio because benvolio's character is just a nice guy who is kind of in the background for most of the play, and Kellan plays the same kind of role in Twilight as Emmet .
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