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Portal 2 Presentation

A random presentation about portal 2 and the inbuilt map editor compared to hammer, why are you reading this?

Daniel Pritchard

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Portal 2 Presentation

Portal 2 Map Editors By Daniel Pritchard Introduction Portal2 Map Editor Pros Comparison between Portal 2 Map Editor and Hammer

Portal 2 Map Editor

Hammer Map Editor
Complex In game
Simple UI
Drag and drop controls
Easy to publish test chambers
Easy to update test chambers
Easy to download test chambers
Opens up mapping to the masses
Simple Build Sequence
Fun to use Hammer Editor Pros Very powerful
Control over every setting
Familiar environment for modders/modelers/mappers alike
Logic Systems
Sound options
Custom Texture Support Portal2 Map Editor Cons Limited customization
Opens up mapping to the masses
Filled up the Steam workshop with rubbish maps
No Animation
No Custom Sounds
No Custom Textures Hammer Editor Cons Very complex
New users would have to use tutorials
New users feel lost/confused
Harder to get maps publicly available
Harder to update already public maps
Confusing build sequence
Can be infuriating Conclusion Portal 2 in game map editor is easy to use and has extended the life of the game, alto it is very simple it is appealing to new users who can easily create content for the game.

Hammer has been around for a long time and is very powerful, it also uses a very common UI that old mappers will feel at home in. But for a new user this will be a hard way of creating a map. Questions? Portal2 Map Editor UI Simple Element Editing
Drag and Drop Simple Element Menu
Drag and Drop Hammer UI Complex to add a element
Each part must be attached and run with logic/functions Complex to edit element settings
Edit each number individually
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