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Path To Citizenship

No description

Heather Jackson

on 3 August 2014

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Transcript of Path To Citizenship

What does "citizenship" mean?
Citizen: Member of a community of people who owe loyalty to a government and, in turn, are entitled to its protection
How to become a citizen...
Natural Born

Natural Born
Any person born in any state, district, or territory belonging to America
You can be a US citizen even if you are not born in a state, district, or territory IF...

Naturalization: Legal way to obtain citizenship
Will be used to help you study for the EOC

The EOC counts for 30% of your final grade and can determine if you pass or fail for the year.
INB Directions
Work with your partner(s)

Listen to directions carefully

When done, ask for approval and then tape it into your INB
Work !
Path To Citizenship
Citizenship: Rights and Duties of A Citizen
Any of the 50 states
Puerto Rico
US military bases overseas
Both parents are US citizens
One parent is a US citizen that has lived in the US at some point in their lives
Lawful resident 5 years
Read, write, speak English
Good moral character
Pass a citizenship test
14th Amendment
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