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DBQs in Middle School Social Studies

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Justin Muenker

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of DBQs in Middle School Social Studies

How Do Students Do A DBQ?
Step 1: Teachers pose the topic question to students.
Step 2: Teachers introduce content with a "hook activity." Students will be developing a preliminary hypothesis.
Step 3: Students read a background essay on the topic.
Step 4: Teacher/student discussion about the background essay
Step 5: Students interact with documents.
Step 6: Students do pre-writing activity
Step 7: Students write evidence based essay answering the question.
What Do Teachers Do With A DBQ?
Go through the first one with your students in a very "hands-on" way to convey expectations.
Go through evidence based writing within this lesson before you expect them to do it.
Allow for peer editing.
Provide a lot of SPECIFIC feedback.
Stay consistent with your grading school wide. (FCAT Writing Rubric/AP exam DBQ Rubric)
In order to allow students to become better writers allow them to re-do their final essays with your corrections.
Why Do DBQs?
Student centered learning rather than teacher-preacher method
Prepares students with the analytical, writing, and persuasive skills necessary for:
Common Core ELA
"They "require students to work with documents and use higher-level thining skills to use this information to defend a thesis. This is a great skill to have, especially when writing research papers in any content."-John Williamson
Why Do DBQs?
Content delivery
Differentiation Opportunity
Prepares students to think critically.
Analyzing Documents/Difficult Text
Generating Hypothesis
Develops Persuasive Writing
Exposure to critical and controversial topics
What is a DBQ?
A DBQ is a Document Based Question.

Students are given a topic question.
Students are given primary and secondary sources that are related to the question to analyze.
Students will complete an evidence based prompt based on the question.
DBQs in Middle School Social Studies
Where Do I Get The Materials for a DBQ?
The county provides us with some great resources and already made DBQs for World History, Civics, US History and there are plenty of cross curricular DBQs already created.
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