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About Mrs. Savaglia

No description

Bridget Savaglia

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of About Mrs. Savaglia

5th Grade with Mrs. Savaglia
I live in Burlington with my husband and family. We have 2 children; Meghan (12) and Patrick (9). (Our dog Sadie is 5). We enjoy spending time together and working on house projects, taking small trips exploring our great state, and enjoying the outdoors on bike or camping trips.
My Background
For my undergraduate degree I attended UW-Madison and received a Bachelor's of Arts in History. After working in the business world for 15 years, I went back to school @ Carthage College to obtain my teaching license. I am back at school again, currently working towards my Master's Degree at Alverno College. Trust me when I say, I know what it's like to do a lot of homework!
5th grade Expectations:
This year will present my students with many opportunities & challenges. Some basic expectations:
Students are expected to be responsible for their own deadlines & materials at all times
Homework will generally take up to an hour and will include 30 minutes of reading within the student's AR level, and up to 30 minutes of math homework. THIS IS IMPORTANT WORK - don't skip it!
We work hard during the day so our work at home is limited. We use our time in school to practice what we've learned and our time at home to perfect what we're good at. Your student may not have more than the homework outlined above. If they do have more homework on a regular basis, an important question to ask them is "What are you doing in class that you aren't getting this done?"
Our 5th graders are the leaders of the school. Therefore as a staff we expect only the best behavior from our students. All 5th graders are expected to follow the school expectations, as well as the 5th Grade PROPER expectations. Our 5th graders receive many privileges throughout the school year, and students who choose to avoid meeting their academic or behavioral responsibilities may lose the opportunity to enjoy some of those privileges. This could include recess, field trips, after school activities and more. Please encourage your student to work their hardest to set a good example.
No Excuses
Part of my job as a 5th grade teacher is to prepare your student for the future. This includes helping them become independent thinkers. When students ask me the question "Did I do this right?" my answer will often be, "I don't know, did you?" The statement "I don't get this," will get the reply "I'm sorry," and I walk away or move on. This can be frustrating at first and seems like I am not helping them - not true! I want the students to review the information they have and decide if they are on the right path. If they aren't, they can come to me with
explicit questions
that help us together come up with a solution to their problem.

This means that there is
for not meeting expectations!
What is 5th grade?
5th grade is....
Hard work BUT rewarding
About experiencing new things & new ideas
Learning how to be independent & set goals for success
Finding out what we are passionate about
What I would like from my families:
We are partners in this together. Please share any concerns you may have and let me know about any changes that come up in your student's life. This helps me better work with them to problem solve during the school day. Thank you!
But this graphic is only for 20 minutes, what about 30 minutes?
Imagine the possibilities if your student completes the required 30 minutes of reading within their level each night! What kind of materials? As the writer Maya Angelou said, "Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him." If it's in your student's level and it's a book, they can read it.
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