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Part 2 Introduction Paragraph Writing a Hook

No description

Bonnie Tait

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of Part 2 Introduction Paragraph Writing a Hook

Part 2 Introduction Paragraph Writing a Hook
Writing a hook
In order to write a Hook, you must have your thesis statement completed.
Writing a hook
In addition, it is important to know your audience. Basically, who is the most important in agreeing with your thoughts? Who will have the power to implement change? This will give you the best idea on how to appeal to the reader.
writing a hook
The purpose of the hook is to engage the reader and make them want to continue reading, therefore it is the first sentence in the introduction.
3 Types of Effective Hooks for Research based essay
1) Research Hook- Using Facts, Statistic or Interesting Information from Research Articles, and related to your thesis that catches the readers attention. Do Not use information that will be used as reasons to support your claim. Must put quotes around the passage used.
Research Hook
Example: "Without the outlet of expression in their clothes, students may turn to inappropriate avenues of self-expression and act out against school and parental authority, " according to Source A.
descriptive Hook
Descriptive Hook- Providing the reader with a vivid, clear picture of how things would or would not be if the reader does not side with your argument. Use ALL Five Senses, Descriptive Words and Literary Devices to have the most effect on the reader.
descriptive Hook
Example- As I sit in the ill lit classroom, I gaze upon my fellow inmates and focus on the drab clothing. Each of us lined up in rows wearing colors of bland khaki and navy, being forced to hold in our true selves. The room smells of starch and my skin itches from the cheap polyester. Ding, Ding, Ding, goes the bell and each of us begin to move like zombies or cattle to our next destination. My mouth is dry like the desert and I thirst for self-expression. How I wish I could paint myself with pastels and bright colors and let my inner self beam!
Rhetorical Question Hook
Rhetorical Question: Ask a question that that has only ONE answer. Make sure you ask the question in a way that will make the reader agree with your statement.
Rhetorical Question Hook
Which of the following examples is most effective?

Example 1: Rhetorical Question- Would you allow someone to strip you of your independence and self-expression?

Example 2: Rhetorical Question- Do you want to wear a uniform?

Writing a Hook
Now you Try!
Turn to the next page.

Using your thesis from the Drone Essay, answer questions and write each type of hook. Yes, you must write one of each hook for your essay!

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