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A Formula for Common Core Assessment Success- PARCC

Teaching writing is hard work. Teaching writing that is aligned with the CCSS AND prepares students for state testing, such as PARCC, is even more of a challenge. This presentation helps prepare administrators and teachers for assessment success.

WriteSteps -

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of A Formula for Common Core Assessment Success- PARCC

A Formula
for Common Core
Assessment success

Recognize the "Variables"
Challenges Teachers Face Teaching Writing
Understand the
Assessment & Objectives
Who has looked at
Evaluate Programs to Promote Success
How they match the research and the Common Core
Principals account for 25% of a school's impact on student achievement
About the presenter...
Steps to creating
a formula for
assessment success
1. Recognize the "Variables"
AKA -- Problems Teachers Face
2. Understand the Assessment & Objectives
3. Evaluate Programs to Promote Success
Did you know...
How is the time in your building being allocated?
Crunch the Numbers
Use calculators to add up the instructional time spent in the 5 content areas using lesson plans designed by 3 different teachers.
Which teacher's weekly lesson plan
follows the ASCD's recommendations for balanced instruction?
What needs to be taught?
What do we need to teach effectively?
How will we prepare for assessment?
How are your materials meeting these expectations?
Sample Test Questions

3rd Grade
What kind of pre-teaching needs to occur in order for teachers to prepare students for this type of integrated task?
Sample Test Questions
7th Grade
Quick Review
Remember the 3 "Variables
*Time -- recommended instructional times
*Knowledge -- Self-Assessments
*Materials -- Determining Needs
Consider assessment criteria
*How does/will it affect daily teaching?
*Is your writing program preparing students &
teachers to meet these expectations?
And now....
Evaluating your current writing curriculum or looking for a new writing program can be a daunting task.
What is White Paper?
A WHITE PAPER is an authoritative report or guide helping readers to understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.
About IESD
Serving the PreK-12 and higher educational publishing and technology market, Interactive Educational Systems Design (IESD) specializes in research-supported curriculum resources and instructional technology, actionable education research, and effective communication with educational decision makers.
Founded in 1984
Provide a variety of service
Market/product research & analysis including qualitative research & quantitative research
Product evaluation research
Customer communication -- including white paper, case studies, and newsletters
17 Evaluation Categories
Writing Programs
Only grades 2 & 5
were examined
Instructional Features
How can I use this to evaluate my school's writing program?
What makes an administrator effective?
What makes a teacher effective?
Research indicates that educator preparation/knowledge of teaching & learning, subject matter knowledge, assessment knowledge, and the ability to use reflection as a tool to drive instruction are all leading factors in building school-wide effectiveness.
Reflection First
A principal self-assessment
Glows and Grows
A teacher self-assessment
Take back for
your teachers.
Try it Out
1st Grade
4th Grade
2nd Grade
We've provided an answer key
for each teacher's schedule.
Check your handout packet!
2nd Grade
Opinion Writing Unit
Table of Contents
2nd Grade
Opinion Writing Unit
Lesson Plan & Visual Aid
2nd Grade
Opinion Writing Unit
Use the sample pack provided to practice evaluating a program (WriteSteps) using 3 categories.
Practice Time
Wrap it Up
Provide us with feedback &
be entered in a drawing to win a full year's subscription to WriteSteps!
Thank You for your time, commitment to excellence,
and for helping grow a nation of strong, confident writers!
We are the way...
our students are the future.
Thank you Writesteps for
the sample pack!
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