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How does the medias portrayal of Black Women's natural hair affect their identity?

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M'Kala Payton

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of How does the medias portrayal of Black Women's natural hair affect their identity?

Black Natural Hair in the Media How does this portrayal effect
Black women financially? In what ways does the media promote a Euro- centric form of beauty How does this effect
Black women's self-esteem? Why chose this topic? I newly went natural and was interested in other peoples opinions and hair journeys Background Black hair is naturally kinky, or curly but no two Black people have the same curl pattern
Black women can change the texture of their hair through perming, pressing, or weaving
It is very common to see Black women hide their natural hair and wear straighter hair. Black women have been trying to attain straight hair since slavery.
White people were seen as the highest form of beauty and slave masters told the slaves that their hair was unmanageable
Black people went to extreme and dangerous lengths to straighten their hair Passed down through generations Since slavery parents have been straightening their children's hair to prevent them from the scrutiny of having kinky hair because having straighter hair was more socially accepted "These little nappy headed hoes need a perminator," Did it on em. (Rapgenious.com) M'kala Payton Senior Exhibition May 22, 2013 Ms. Paraiso Overview Thesis With the avid commercial advertising of perms, weaves and relaxers, and the constant portrayal of straight haired women being the main source of beauty, the media's current and past portrayal of Black natural hair has been unaccepting, and therefore leads to the insecurities of Black women. Why did Black women start straightening their hair "Whites constantly devalued the natural state of black hair. By 1830, blacks were being encouraged by Whites, advertising in black periodicals, to lengthen and straighten their hair with miracle products,"(Rachel Buchman 2001 World and I article 'The Search for Good Hair-Styling Black Womanhood in America') ` What is the financial affect? “extensions can cost as low as $300(depending on geographical location); and go up to $10,000 based on service…the average income for African American families was $32,584, well below a middle-class lifestyle. Yet we over-spend for the purpose of appearance,"-Atlanta Beautician (Madamnoire.com) Thesis
Why I chose this topic
History of Black Hair
Media portrayal of Natural Hair
Looking through the Economic Lens
Looking through the Self-Esteem Lens
My Field Research
Hope for the future How does this affect their self esteem Because a natural part of them is not appreciated nor acknowledged in the media black women begin to feel that they are not naturally beautiful and become dependent on weaves and other chemical straighteners for beauty Hope for the future! 2012 "year of the natural"
Natural hair vlogs
Celebrities going natural
creating a support system My Field Research Fremont High School, Media Academy Thank You! Any Questions?
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