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CFO Services: Why do it & Product Offering

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Bill Behn

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of CFO Services: Why do it & Product Offering

Nsight Training: CFO Services #1
CFO Services:
Why We Do it and
What we Offer
Contract CFO
Fractional CFO
(Part Time CFO Services)
We’ll tailor a program to meet your strategic and budgetary needs. By using our Monthly Retainer option, you create the schedule based on your budget and ensure a consistent, long-term approach to your CFO program.
Our hourly “Pay-as-you-go” option gives you control over what you spend and allows you to create the CFO program that’s right for your organization.

Project CFO
(Advisory Services)
As a project-based outsource solution, our advisory service offering structures engagements for special projects when your internal resources either don’t have the bandwidth or the expertise.
Our Advisory services include:
Business Valuation Services
Transaction Advisory Services
Process Re-Engineering
Equity Management Solutions
IPO Readiness
SEC Financial Reporting
Business Intelligence and Analytics

Search CFO
(Direct Hire Services using our “Container” fee structure)

Innovation has been and remains the cornerstone to our client’s success. That’s why we have developed a Search fee structure that combines immediate and direct access to our team and the high customer service offered through a Retained Search feel without the risk of losing money should the search not be successful.
Our CFO Search model combines the best of a Retained Search look and feel with the comfort of a 100% guarantee. This model allows our teams to focus on your search while giving you the security of knowing there is a 100% money back guarantee. Here’s how it works:

(Full Time Temporary CFO Services)
Full Time Contract CFO Services will be most common
We tap into our national and local network of CFOs and find the right fit for you and your organization quickly and efficiently
You can try a CFO to ensure cultural and operational fit before making a hiring commitment

Expands Your Network
Higher Bill Rates
Completes the Lead Generation Cycle
Capitalizes on all F&A Temp Servics
Sell Software & Services
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