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No description

Jasmine Bernard

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Virgo


Virgo is a constellation of the zodiac. It has a name in Latin that is virgin Lying between Leo to the west and Libra to the east, it is the second largest constellation in the sky (after Hydra). It can be easily found through its brightest star, Spica.[1]
The Location
The location of virgo is in the third quadrant of the southern hemisphere (SQ3). It can be seen at latitudes between +80° and -80°.
In the Greek mythology, there is a theme that is simallar . Persephone the daughter of Zeus and Demeter was abducted and taken to the underworld by Hades. There mother had revenge and ruined the harvests . The earth became infertile and the people were starving. Zeus was forced to issue a decree stating that Persephone should spend only a short time each year in the underworld, and when she was released Demeter permitted Nature to resume its natural course.

Yet another Greek myth suggests that VIRGO represents Erigone, who hanged herself after finding her father Icarius' dead body.
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