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victoria diakou 8P


victoriaa diakou

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of victoria diakou 8P

In graphics this term we are are creating a few different designs of a swing tag for our brand, we will also be creating a logo for the swing tag and our product. we will be creating a few different swing tags and a few different logos and at the end we will choose one to present to the teacher!! Design Brief Design limitations Victoria Diakou`s tech folio a well designed graphic image will be a success if you complete the assessment correctly with everything that you have put together and made one big project. criteria for success what could stop me from designing my swing tag??? ~ no internet access Logo Research ~the wanted
~little stars
~for you
~cjays posible buisness names my pmi chart ~ missing out on technology lessons
~being sick
~ how hard we work each lesson thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!!! done done done done done done i was successful in creating my swing tag and logo design.
i was a bit off track when i was thinking of a name for my logo and it took me a wile, i was also off track when i was trying to think of good designs for my logo. evaluation of design
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