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The Peer Gynt Suite

By Edward Grieg

Alison Nash

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of The Peer Gynt Suite

LO: To listen to music from the Peer Gynt Suite by Grieg and focus on key pieces of music that convey the story.
The Peer Gynt Suite....
Edward Grieg - 1894 - 1907
Read the story of Peer Gynt before
listening to the music...
Grieg's 'suite' of pieces represent certain parts
of the story....

They are:
- Morning Song
- In the hall of the mountain King
- Solveig's Song
- Anitra's Dance
- The Death of Aase
Read the story of Peer Gynt before
listening to the music....
Listen to the music then answer the following questions:
1. List 5 words that come to mind when listening to this music.
2. Is the tempo of this music fast or slow or somewhere in between? Use Italian words!
3. Describe the dynamics at the start of this piece.
4. Why do you think Grieg has chosen to use flutes at the start of this piece?
5. Name one musical device you can hear in this music.
Morning Song
There is a lot of imagery in the music for this scene:
While you listen - answer the questions below...

1. What instrument do you think represents the trolls surrounding Peer Gynt?
2. Why does the tempo speed up towards the end?
3. Why do you think the dynamics are soft at the beginning?
4. In which part of the music do you think the 'church bell sounds have hit the ugly ear drums of the trolls'?
In the Hall of the Mountain King...
This music is to represent when Peer Gynt's mother Aase has died of a broken heart.....

1. Why do you think Grieg chose a string section for this music?
2. Name a musical device you can hear
3. Describe the dynamics in this music?
4. Write down four words that come to mind when hearing this music.
5. Is this music in a major or a minor key?
The death of Aase :-(
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