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Music Research Project: Soul Music

No description

Hudaifa Zayed

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Music Research Project: Soul Music

Soul Music By: Hudaifa, Derek, Eric, Chris What is Soul Music? Soul music is a mix between R&B and Gospel Music. However, not only is it a style of music it was a spark for all African Americans to break free from the racial constraints during the civil rights movement. How did it Originate? Soul Music can find its roots from 2 places. the civil rights movement in America, particularly black empowerment Talented Musicians who helped connect R&B and Gospel music Here is a sample of the Beginnings of Soul Music.
This is just to get you familiar with the style.
Ray Charles: I got a Women Musical Elements call and response lyrics were about real life vocal gospel style, but with secular lyrics instrumental “break” - different instruments take a turn at improvising the melody shout and a catchy rhythm Now that we know the Musical Elements let us
try and spot them in the next song.
James Brown: Say it Loud, I'm black and proud connection with the civil rights movement in America at the time. Instruments Used Drums Vocals Saxophones Piano Trumpet Guitar The use of these instruments allowed Soul Music to be Unique Important Composers/Performers of Soul Ray Charles James Brown Sam Cooke These 3 were considered the founders of Soul Music! Let us look at the high point of Soul Music
Sam Cooke: A change is Gonna come *A current soul Performer is Stevie Wonder The Future of Soul Music? Soul Music extends into many different styles such as Funk, Disco and Psychedelic Soul. You see, Soul Music hasn't died and will never die. It will only transform and become something else! Let us take a look at some new Soul Music! These songs are: Superstition by Stevie Wonder and If there is hell below we are all going to go by Curtis Mayfeild. Strings Soul music began around 1955.
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