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Water conservation

No description

Stephanie M

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Water conservation

Water Conservation How much water do we use and save -When you are brushing your teeth if you don't turn off the water you waste 1.875 -When you do turn off the water you save 1.320 - When washing dishing by hand we waste 20 gallons (75 liters) How can you lose water? When flushing the toilet
you waste 5-7gallons of water
or 19-26 liters When washing dishes
by hand you use
20 gallons or
75 liters -Sweat -breathing -And urine -children should drink 3 cups (23 ounces) How much water should we drink? -Adults should drink 6-8 glasses of water (48-64) ounces When flushing the toilet you waste 5-7 gallons
or 19-26 liters When washing dishes by hand you
waste 20 gallons or 75 liters What do we need water for? We need it to drink Wash your hands To cook To water plants To wash clothes And many other things About 70% of the earth is covered
with water 97% of the water is salt water 2% of glacier ice Less than 1% of fresh water When washing dishes by
hand you waste 20 gallons or 75
litters By:Stephanie Mireles,
Monique Yescas,
Melanie Hernandez,
Mike Barrientos,
Marco Ramirez Droughts Drought are when there very little
rain/snow for a very long time drought is classifed when an area has less
than 0.25 millimeters of snow,rain,etc Droughts are not normally consitered
disasters but when they last for a really long time and when they affect a lot of people The cause of droughts is not enough rainfall longest droughts The longest drought has lasted 400 years from 1571-1971
in Atacama desert of Chile(the driest place on earth) How much percent of earth is covered in water? WATER CONSERVATION PLAN We Use A Lot Of Water Here At HARDIN We Have to Save Some For our Future Purposes. If We Do These Simple Things, We Could use the money We Save To Get More Things In the School. Here Are Some Ways. We Can Bring Water Bottles To School Instead Of So many People Drinking From the Water Fountain. That Would Save Us About 402 Gallons Each YEAR. If We Fixed All The Founatin And/Or Sinks We Would Save About 3,ooo Gallons Per YEAR.
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