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Henry Ford

No description

Eli Heenan

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Henry Ford

Henry Ford
[ by Eli Heenan and Garret Hagenlocker]
Henry ford was born on his fathers farm
in July 30,1863 in wayne county or what is now Dearborn Michigan. in 1879 he left his fathers farm to be an apprentice.

Early Life
He taught himself to fix watches at the age of
fifteen. He learned about how to work a regular sized steam engine by men who worked on the steam engines. At the age of sixteen, he also became a Machinist in Detroit.
He got a job at Edison Illuminating Company. In 1883 his famously famous talents got him a promotion. All though
he was working at the other job he was
working on his plans for the horseless
How he came to invent
ford motor company
He hired young men who beleive in his vision. then they finnally got a car that was fords first car sold wich was the model A. So he was so intrested in what he was doing at that time that he invented his first car and called the company... Ford!
although the Model A was the first car he sold, it was not the first car he invented. The first one he invented was called the trycicle.
How he payed his workers
Henry Ford
After henry had sold the Model T his businness was doing very well and the rest of the workers needed to get payed so he came up with the $5 a day plan. Wich made the proccess of building the cars faster and faster, with his growing company he also had a competor and that company's name was chevy.
When did Henry get married
On april 11,1888 henry got married to Clara J. Bryant at her parents house in greenfeild, michigan. Henry was 24 at the time and it was claras 22nd b-day when they got married. Then along came their first son, Edsel Ford. Born on november 6, 1893. There first son died of stomach cancer when he was 49.
When did henry ford die
He died at the age of 83. At 11:40 in detroit on april 8th , 1947.
1. What age was henry ford when he died?
2. Where did he die and what time?
3. What was his first car?
4. What did his son die of?
5. Who was competing against henry?
6. Who was henrys wife?
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