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Your Social Media Footprint - Twitter and Facebook

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Transcript of Your Social Media Footprint - Twitter and Facebook

YOU K? You might be OK but what you say in the UK, doesn't stay in the UK... Your Tweet (or FB status) could be read by someone here - think before you Tweet! Your Social Media Footprint Don't put your foot in it, innit! Going on holiday to somewhere like here? You'll tweet about it - but if you're USING SM, don't ABUSE it!
Pictures of your 'weekend-activities' aren't the best advertisement for your prospective employer!
Consider a separate account.

Posting updates on FB? Someone here 'liked' your FB status - you don't know them but because your account is open, they were free to look around

They saved your pics to their folders, and now images of you on the beach back there... Remember this beach? No? Well your 'friend' does...but don't worry - he/she will share them with his/her mates, over there You won't realize it though, until... Your prospective employer Googles you and finds you in compromising situations - job offer or jog-on?

Control SM - don't let it control you :)

Stay SM safe!
Now... Control SM - don't let it control you :)

Produced by www.StretLaw.com

Stay SM safe! Follow us on Twitter @UniLawStudents for more great tips...

...and visit us at www.StretLaw.com
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