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Do I Really Have to Teach Reading? by Cris Tovani

The answer to the questions, "Do I really have to teach reading?"

Tia Mitchell

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Do I Really Have to Teach Reading? by Cris Tovani

Do I Really Have to Teach Reading? by Cris Tovani deeper understanding make connections read/write thoughtfully Students: Teachers:
1. Model effective strategies
2. Share personal struggeles
3. Asking questions is OK
4. Push for independent thinking prior knowledge
draw inferences
determine importance How? Thinking Strategies
1. So what?
2. Reread
3. Extend prior knowledge
4. Find enjoyment in text visualize Identify struggles
Select challenging text
Model reading
Share how to overcome struggle Choice of interest to student beneficial to student can do purpose Focus Ability topic not textbook text sets worthy of time accessible text connections to
real world not boring! Comprendo?
reciting or conversation voice? marking text? read pictures getting unstuck? highlighters
sticky notes
write on text constructors
note sheets
group think
What I do... Group work Love it! :)=) Hate it! ;( What worked? What didn't work? Students say... Share ideas! :) Before reading activities Future = group work no "one right answer"
LIBERATING ask questions, offer opinions,
disagree, offer proof Assessment: variety of ways to
demonstrate understanding educate and
improve performance,
not audit performance grade completion
of specified tasks response logs
group discussion Get to know students via
conversation calendars Folder collection of
work samples Teachers must be continual
learners (in the seat of a student.) Remember what it is like to:
sit through 2 hour lecture, or
not be allowed to go to restroom, or
sit in freezing classroom. checkpoints Don't major on the minors! "Do I do this or that?" Better to have a "thinking
teacher" in the classroom rather
than a "worksheet distributing
technician." Teachers should NEVER be happy! ;) Grace reigns. We never have all the answers; therefore, we need to continue asking questions! Engaged, lifelong learners??? or this... So, do I really have to teach
reading? You better believe it! The End
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