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No description

Marinko Uremovic

on 29 October 2017

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Transcript of Halloween

Halloween is celebrated on?
What vegetable was traditionally carved before the pumpkin??
The tradition of dressing up started because?
a. People tried to scare away evil spirits.
b. It was a way to honour the dead.
c. So that when the evil spirits came they would not recognize you.

Another name for Halloween is?
a. The feast of the dead
b. All Hallows Eve
c. Saints Eve
Feast of Samhain marked the...
a. beginning of the dark season
b. end of the dark season
c. beginning of summer
a. 1st October
b. 30th October
c. 31st October
Which custom began as
a way to find out who will
get married first?
a. Trick or treating
b. Bobbing for apples
c. Carving Jack O' Lantern
What does the old English word “Hallow” mean?
a. Spirit
b. Saint
c. Sin
The Celts celebrated
their new year on?
a. 13th October
b. 1st January
c. 1st November
At Halloween parties guests traditionally bob for?
a. Apples
b. Skulls
c. Oranges
What do we call the pumpkin which is carved for Halloween?
a. Jack O’ Lantern
b. Jack Of Lantern
c. Lantern Jack
a. turnips
b. oranges
c. apples

People in the USA spend a lot of money on Halloween. They spend more money only for...
a. Christmas
b. Easter
c. Valentine's Day
What are people's favourite activities on Halloween?
a. eating and drinking
b. watching horror films and
dressing up
c. visiting friends and family
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