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Two Mice in a Tennis Ball

No description

dale spady

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of Two Mice in a Tennis Ball

William gazing out at the deep ocean world.
William and Otis standing next to their bathysphere
Two Men in a Tennis Ball
Gulper fish that can swallow a fish
twice its size.
Memorizing facts from a textbook can be boring — but science is much more than the knowledge that makes its way into school books. Science is an ongoing and unfinished process of discovery. Some scientists travel all over the world for their research. Others set up experiments that no one has ever tried before. And all scientists are engaged in a thrilling quest — to learn something brand new about the natural world. Some parts of scientific training or investigations may be tedious, but science itself is exciting!
Two Mice in a Tennis Ball
William Beebe in British Guiana in 1917
Science. How boring!
Strange sights to behold!
Would you take a ride in this thing?
Talk about a big eater.
William Beebe's Galapagos Expeditions
Reading Response Questions
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