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Bridlington Foreshores

No description

Dean Hyde

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Bridlington Foreshores

Transformation Ideas.

Beach chalets remain a major attraction to residents and tourists alike and are a huge part of the Foreshores delivery
It is apparent that there is currently an imbalance in supply and demand especially through peak periods
In order to capitalise on further potential income, it is important that the Foreshores invest in successful areas such as that of Chalets and exploit the unique market of chalet provision.
Investment is key not only to provide further income but to bring the department's delivery in-line with that of a town moving forward.

Marketing and Promotion of Private Hire

In difficult economic times it is not only important to invest in new income streams but also develop existing deliveries

Land Trains- Promoting these assets to generate year round income through private hire, event use, as a marketing tool and through transport links.

We should look to exploit having an asset as unique as the land trains and look to generate income by allowing private parties to have the use of these unusual modes of transport for the day. We will look to push the hire of Land Trains for weddings at wedding fair's and market the hire of them for parties.

When the land train was taken down to hessle for a free trial in the summer, it proved a huge success drawing people in with the novelty of somthing different.

Kiddies Corner
Deckchairs are an assett which the council own in abundance. Like many coastal provisions, over time dack chair sales have seen on overall decline. With fewer items hired than in previous years, it is important that this iconic piece of british seaside furniture is utilised. Although beach user numbers may have dwindled, it is still possible to extent the life span of these items by diversifying our offer.

Hire of deck chairs in bulk must be suitably marketed to appropraite user groups. For Instance, intrested parties may include outdoor seating for marquee weddings, village fetes, music concerts or parties.

With an alternate staffing structure and suitable boat designs, and picnic areas Kiddies Corner can remain an attractive themed area for families. The site is popular with children and nostalgic for adults, and despite it's restricted footprint can still be utilised.

In spite of the RNLI's devlopment of the area, there is still scope to devlop and utilise the site including replacing the lake with a crazy golf course or extending the sites appeal in winter months, adapting it as an ice skating rink .

In times of austerity it is important that as a Council department we not only look to diversify our current provision but also develop and invest in new concepts.
We should look to offer more for less and despite the current economic situation and continue to transform the delivery in an achievable goal-led way.

As a department we have a number of unique elements which can be utilised and capilised on.
Active Coast
There is further scope to capitalise on the success of coastal sporting provision. With recent additions of table tennis tables and football goals aswell as the very popular volleyball nets it is hoped that the Olympic leagacy will continue to develop participation in sport. Currently, these facilities are offered free of charge. Discussions have begun with Sports Development to locate a dedicated site to offer beach based activities.

As a joint venture, there is the potential to generate income through court/equipment hire and coaching, aswell as being able to draw people into the area broadening the economic benefits. Income may also be generated through Foreshore organised events, in which participants pay a small fee to enter sporting tournaments.
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