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No description

seth aurelius

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Sphere

Did the author to an effective job of helping the reader visualize the setting.
The author did do an effective job of helping the reader visualize the setting, because through out all of the book the author places many in detail descriptions about what was happening and what the characters did to react to the things that were happening. An example of the author being very descriptive is soon after the chapter titled DH-8 begins the author describes the underwater habitat that the scientists have to live in with great detail using whole paragraphs to help the reader visualize the different compartments that the scientists have to live in.
An example is when the author describes compartment a; Heavy cloth suits hung limply on the wall, alongside yellow sculpted helmets of the sort Norman has seen the divers wearing. The helmets had a futuristic look...
Another example is when the author describes Beth Halpern the teams zoologist. "She was a tall, angular woman of thirty six who could be called pretty despite her sharp features and the almost masculine quality of her body...
Who, What, When, Where, Why
Setting #2
Just the feeling of being trapped under more than 1000 feet of water creates a certain suspense that If something happens there is no escape. Never the less the aspects of there being no light and almost no life creates an eeriness to the setting.
Part one, Literary Responses.
Setting, Plot development, Conflict, and Irony.
Sphere Analysis Project. By Seth Aurelius.
The main setting of Sphere takes place 1000 feet under the ocean where there has never been light and almost no life.
An example is when Norman ( the main character ) is descending below the surface and he describes it as " All that happened was it got darker and darker".
Another example it when Norman got to 800 feet in his decent and he describes it as "It was now completely black outside".
2ND literary devise
Plot structure
The who of Sphere is; Norman Johnson ( the main character ), Ted fielding ( the astrophysicist ), Beth Halpern ( the zoologist/biochemist ), Henry Adams ( the mathematician/logician ) and Harold C. Barnes, ( The USN project commander/leader of the underseas mission ).
The what of Sphere is, An alien ship was found 1000 ft under the ocean coral growth suggests that the ship has been there for almost 300 or more years, the Navy sends 5 People down to the bottom of the ocean to investigate only to find that the ships only inhabitant is an alien life form that looks like a sphere and can communicate with the scientists.
The when of Sphere is, Sphere takes place around 1985-1987 when computer technology was still in development and many underwater exploration advances had not happened yet.
The where in Sphere takes place 1000 feet under the pacific ocean in 2 places; An underwater habitat called
D-H8 were the scientists live, and inside the alien ship were the alien sphere is located.
The why of Sphere is; why did the Navy send 5 people down to the bottom of the pacific ocean to investigate an alien spaceship.
The reason why is because 4 scientists and a Navy officer would make the best first contact team if there was alien life to be found
the how of Sphere is; the navy sent 5 people down to the bottom of the pacific ocean using submarines. And how they managed to survive down there is a human supporting habitat called D-H8
Literary response #3
The conflicts
An external conflict
An external conflict is when Norman and Ted get into an argument and Ted starts out by Insulting Normans field of study by saying; Psychology's not a science, it's a form of superstition or religion. It simply doesn't have any good theories, or any hard data to speak of... And Norman strikes back by saying " Why don't you just say what you mean," "And stop quoting other people. ( Saying a scientist is quoting someone else is like saying to them that they are cheating and lying ).
An internal conflict
An example of an internal conflict in sphere is about 45 percent through the book when one of the habitat operators Edmumd goes out to investigate some jelly fish and they start attacking her and she is engulfed by them which eventually kills her. How this is an internal conflict is her death impacts everyone in the habitat and her death also starts a chain of death which leads to another habitat operator Levy dying which scars everyone in the habitat.
4th and final literary device Irony.
includes situational and dramatic irony.
Dramatic irony
The best example of Dramatic irony ( and probably the best example of irony in the Sphere ) is when the alien Sphere finally makes contact with them and they were expecting some kind of special message, but all the Sphere says is " HELLO. HOW ARE YOU? I AM FINE. WHAT IS YOUR NAME? MY NAME IS JERRY". And this impacts the plot big time by completely changing the scientists perspective on the alien sphere.
Situational irony
The best example of situational irony in Sphere is when early on in the book they learn there is a storm approaching and they have a chance to vote to stay or leave, and they vote to leave, so everyone packs up to leave and everyone is ready when all of the sudden they get news that the submarine cant get down to them so they have to stay. This is obvious how this affects the plot, it makes them stay down there and that's were the rest of the book happens. so if they had left the habitat and gone back to the surface the whole plot would have been changed.
Part 2 comparative response.
using Masque of the red death.
The main differences between Sphere and Masque of the red death are simple. Sphere is an unknown life form that they know very little about, compared to Masque of the red death the people know all to much about the Red death because it kills everyone.
The other big difference is the fact that in Sphere they scientists are trying to get closer to the life form to learn more about it, as in Masque of the red death the people are trying to isolate themselves from the Red death .
Although it was hard to find similarities between the two pieces i managed to find 2.
They both portrayed a life form that people were almost completely helpless against and was very powerful. The other similarity is the fact that the people in both stories were isolated from the rest of the world.
Which story was more suspenseful for me?
In my opinion Sphere was more suspenseful because it was a long, detailed book with many suspenseful chapter endings like at the end of the chapter titled "Alarm" The scientists finally make the contact with the alien Sphere that reader has been wanting to happen for a while and all the Sphere says is
"HELLO. HOW ARE YOU? I AM FINE. WHAT IS YOUR NAME? MY NAME IS JERRY". This creates the page turning suspense of " What that makes no since how could an alien be named Jerry and why is an alien being so HUMAN". Another reason why Sphere was more suspenseful for me is because Sphere takes place in the mid 1980's and makes all the stuff that happens more understandable for me. The last reason Sphere was more suspenseful for me was the shear fact that the scientists are under over 1000 feet of water.
About the author
Michael Chrichton ( October 23 1942 - November 4 2008 ) was an american best selling author known for his Science fiction works which many of have been made into movies, he went to Harvard collage and Harvard medical school. Although he wrote many books he is most famous for writing the book Jurassic park and the book Disclosure which were also made into popular Movies.
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